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  • Hi travisbThanks for the feedback, sounds similar to my problem. Maybe I can get an feedback from Zyxel Staff?
  • I'm also affected by this signature problem...
  • @Zyxel_Charlie >As current design, SSL VPN will have an disadvantage(in compare with 
L2TP) when it comes to >throughput. It could be limited to 10-20MbpIs it on the roadmap to fix this design issue?Openvpn or Wireguadr are known solutions to solve such problems ;)
  • Hi @Antoine_Richez Did you get an solution? Please keep us also up to date.I think it's a generic problem, the speed of the SSL VPN is bad.See in the Ideas section, and please upvote the Wirequrard request.Mario
  • I like this idea!Please also make a way to open the log in a new windows, so you can change monitor logs and change settings.
  • Hi PedrojDo you send out the daily report? Then I can be this problem: BRMario
    in Reboot ATP800 Comment by Mario March 16
  • Very important question from [email protected]_can: What FW version is affected? Acording to the mail all pre 4.62 will stop working.And about auto FW update: as long you have bugs like the FQDN stuff, IMHO it's too risky to enable auto update....Mario
  • Well, today (9.3.21) the IP is still not detected.This IP is hardcoded on some scripts see on this isn't listed in the IP reputation?
  • Ok, this is sadly a know limitation. Secuextender is TCP based and an fast RDP Session needs UDP. In the end the UPD traffic is tunneld over TCP and this kills your performance.The only working way is to use IPSec or L2TP, as you already did.
  • @Pedro_Costa Take care, RDP Uses Port 3389 TCP and UDP. The default port settings from Zyxel are TCP Only. This can have an big impact on performance, if RDP only works over TCP.
  • @dpipro I hat a same problem on a ATP500, at 00:00 when the daily log was sent out. Do you have "email daily report" enabled?I just dissablet it, since it's not really needet.
  • Hi BCCThe ATP runs now with mcafee (sinc V 4.50 AFAIK)*First it was Kaspersky, then bitdefender for a short time and now mcafee.Do you have logs for the blocking? *see
  • +1Secuextender is sometimesa useable replacement, but it has no IOS / Android support.But I don't belive, this will ever happen. :s
  • Hi FilippoJust an Idea, I didn't test ist.Add the users into a Group, allow this group to the full subnet.Then crate a adress group with the needet IP / Subnet / Range and create a firewall rule and aply it tho the security group.Hope this worksMario
  • @zyman2008 fully agree with you, dont install 4.60 patch 0!but the information about the new feature ist in the 4.6 patch 0 release note.

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