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  • I left one computer connected to it and in 4 hours,since I checked the Reserve box,no ping lost,no network disconected and it is the only change that I have done,no other settings. Unfortunately,the logs resets when you were disconected and I couldn't see something that could help me…..
  • The last one.V1.00(ABTW.4)C0,it came with it,I just have the LTE for one week. What I have seen,if I check the "reserve IP" for the client,in that case it remains stable,no ping lost,no nothing, but I will wait to see if it remains stable…..Also,the ping from a phone doesn't lose any packets,this happens only with the PCs.
  • Later update:on mobile phones there is no ping lost,so it seems that there is something regarding windows.
  • OK,but there is still the problem that the app is not available for this version,as u can see in the picture.
  • Hi, I have checked the spam,resend it many times. Nothing….. For the app I also tried to send the link for the Google Play Store and the tablet says that it is not available for this kind of tablet. I thnik it is something about the account,on the tablet is activated the android for kids with a kid account managed through…
  • Thnks! I have already read about selfsigned CA.
  • If,anyway you want access to my router,I will make a ticket. Let me know if so.
  • Ok,right now will not open a ticket because,right now when I am writting to you,the logs are in real time,a delay of 10 minutes maximum….this is very strange. I will monitor the logs and as soon as it happens again to have a big delay taime, I will open the ticket.Many thanks for the answer!
  • Ok,I am not familliar with zyxel products,it is the first so I do not know to many things about Nebula so, I wanted to know if I miss something( being used with cloudflare solution). That was also the first thing in my mind,to make VPN for the outside of network PC in order to be protected by my router futures if there…
  • Thanks! This means to route all the connections through my router, I was hopping that I can avoid it. So any other solution there isn't....
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