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I have just bought an ATP200 series and I have one question: is there a client software to protect pc that are outside of the private network,meaning that all the traffic from a PC that is connected to a public internet to go through Nebula Cloud? If you are familliar, a solution like Cloudflare Warp. In that case all the computers traffic is redirected through the Zero Trust Zone of Cloudflare. So,in Nebula,is there a simillar solution?
Many thanks!

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    Nebula supports the feature "Remote Access VPN". The PC outside of the private network can use the IPSec VPN server or L2TP over IPSec VPN server to establish VPN tunnel to ATP200. Then all traffic from this remote PC goes through the wan IP of ATP200. 

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    VPN client without split-network?
  • Thanks! This means to route all the connections through my router, I was hopping that I can avoid it. So any other solution there isn't....
  • Ok,I am not familliar with zyxel products,it is the first so I do not know to many things about Nebula so, I wanted to know if I miss something( being used with cloudflare solution). That was also the first thing in my mind,to make VPN for the outside of network PC in order to be protected by my router futures if there isn't a local api to be installed on remote computers.
    Thanks a lot!

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