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  • @boucherjeanfra You could check with your ISP if there is service conflict. Cos my FTP was conflic with NSA and resolve after ISP adjust something.
  • @Donplonex Port Forwarding and port Trigger are different If you have a server behind the router and want to let client access it, you might just need to setup port forwarding without port trigger. Maybe you could share the purpose.
  • @Mat You might refer my steps to login WAP3205 v3. Since I got similar situation with yours, but I only have Win7 PC 1. Setup PC with IP, and use lan cable connect to first WAP3205 v3 2. And login first WAP3205 v3 GUI with default PW 1234. 3. Change the SSID/Security, apply. 4. Lan cable connect to 2nd WAP3205…
  • What model you use? If you are using Armor X1, the default PW is admin/1234, and it will require you change PW at first login with latest FW.
  • @Pedro NBG6617 support router and AP mode.Here is the suggestion for you reference. But the topology will still limitate by the operation mode...Orz... Modem---(wan)NBG6617 in router mode----(Lan)2nd NBG6617 in AP mode. The 2nd AP uses Ethernet cable to another floor in order to provide more wifi coverage.
  • @Bjrn You might use university repeater to extender your network .You could go to GUI select Netgear Wi-Fi SSID and type its password. Then wait for device connection up, then you can use it.
  • @panaef I am using NBG6515 at UR mode to extend my home Wi-Fi converge. You Wi-Fi clients might not need to re-configure when it more closer NBG6515.