• Hello, windows 10 opens Edge and showing login site automatically after access to wlan. After logging in, results will shown in default style. Now i use the default style with own logo and color styles. This ticket can be close.
  • cool, it works !! thanks!!
  • Hello, thanks for this solution. There are other methods available without using external servers ? For example USB Storage?
  • Okay thanks. The Serial number was the simplest way to assign credentials to a guest, because we need to log all guests and their used login accounts. Now we are using the loginname instead.
  • Hello Stanley, this is what i try, but after logging in or using wrong credentials, i get another page with default style. This sites can be modified under System > WWW > Login page tab (i use the german interface so i'm not sure if it is the correct name) It is not able to use own style for this pages. 
  • Hello, i use a UAG2100. Some design settings are under System > WWW. There i can't use a corporate design. Only text and colors are possible to change. Regards, Mirko