• Was worth a try - both my NWA50AX and NWA55AXE's had shown the nebula management logon until I turned off the NCC discovery option on and off a couple of times, I've not had similar behaviour from the NWA210AX I've just configured. As Zyxel_Judy said, One other thing to try is to use a different browser or computer to log…
  • @SoonerDave & @tgl , Check that your devices have the Nebula Cloud Discovery option turned off. If you check on the Device Dashboard immediately after logging in, the Cloud Control Status widget should have the Nebula Dicovery option turned off as shown below. (or you can check Configuration→Network→NCC Discovery) If…
  • Thanks for the direct link Judy - I wouldn't have found it without it as the CLI reference doesn't appear in the download library when searching by either the NWA50AX or NWA55AXE. Maybe it would be a suggestion to add it to the download lists for other AP's? Thanks again for your quick and detailed help 😎
  • Thank you Judy, that was very helpful and has allowed me to amend the settings. Out of interest, Is there anywhere that I can download the full CLI-reference manual for the NWA50/55 AP's? Thanks again for your help 👍️ Nick
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