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  • Thank you Zyxel_Can For our installation we followed this official guide:https://support.zyxel.eu/hc/en-us/articles/360000715000-How-to-Configure-Single-Sign-on-with-ZyWALL-USG-and-SSO-agent- Currently we do not have a workstation in our datacenter and we'd prefer not to have it. Moreover the setup described in the KB you…
  • After 4 days of bad service my customer has decided to go back to our custom authentication client that uses the web interface.The SSO Agent is still a big delusion. We really hoped that it could be used now that it supports Win2016 but this is still not possible.
  • I have verified from logs that SSO users constantly log out and relog in every exactly 30 minutes, even if they are still sitting and working at their client station.Here is a log example: I have tried to change the User Logoin Check interval parameter to various values but the logon/off time seems not to be affected.
  • We have ended developing our own agent for Windows PCs. It does not have all the promised features for SSO but it just works.We hope that the next SSO release will be a usable product.
  • No anti-virus or firewalls installed. These are production DCs. No other applications are installed on them. It is not easy for us to take videos on these servers. What kind of information do you need to formulate a diagnosis? Does the agent produce any kind of log file usefull for troubleshooting? Windows Server 2016 not…
  • Sorry, did not capture a screenshot. I've upgraded de FW from the "Firmware Management" tab, by pressing the cloud icon with a red N. After reboot the help had those problems, even after browser close/reopen.
  • SSH?? The problem was with HTTPS not with SSH! As per my previous message, the SSH tunnel is created to a LAN Server, not to the USG310. The HTTPS works well over LAN. Anyway, the problem looks solved now that one WAN interface on the USG310 has been activated. In my opinion the problem had something to do with eventual…
  • "We want all users register their devices because after registered, the device can update the latest FW from MyZyxel.com" Sorry this is not an argument. System administrators are well educated on how to update their devices and when to schedule that. Automatic updates are something good for Android phones not for business…