• I created case #240300585
    in License question Comment by Reg March 11
  • The address for that device is: 38:14:28:95:7A:F5
  • an interesting update. I have narrowed this down to attaching one particular computer to the network. If that one machine is connected the mobile app will only show the one particular computer as connected. If I unplug that computer the mobile app client count restores to an expected count.
  • That doesn't make sense to me. On feb 24 I captured screen shots of the differences. It was not until Feb 27 that the mobile app shows more than a single connection. If this is an update issue I would have expected the mobile APP ui to update on 25 or the 26th. I was checking multiple times a day so I know I didn't ‘miss…
  • Follow up from today. I have logged into the mobile app at least once a day and finally today the number of clients in the mobile app matches what the web interface shows.
  • Here are the two screen shots. Even if the Mobile app claims there is only one device connected all the devices are in fact connected and functioning normally. I enabled access and created a case: 230201254
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