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  • Thanks for the help. I got it working by moving the films from video to another directory. And getting the setting wright for Kids and Parents. So thanks for the help on this forum super.
  • I have set the password for Kids to : startAfter opening Users Kids the password is more letters then when i set password to start?How is that possible i cannot set password to start ? I also have reset the NAS for 5 seconds and still the same after making the login kids.
  • Hello Batou Super the video you made. But at 2.04 on your video i have trouble access the map Kids. So tommorow i would like to reset all the settings and start with clean settings. Can you tell me how to start with a clean Zyxel but do not delete the harddisk only all the a reset. Thanks for all the help.
  • I think the only way for me to get it working if somebody can give me an example how to do this. And all comments have helped but not to get it working yet. Just can believe that this should be such a big problem to get the settings right but for me it is. 
  • Hi Batou, All the settings i made that i thought would work are in the message from 19 december. I thought it would work that way but no. Saturday i will try out what lnjrsi wrote but i need more info to do that. But it is not possible to just add rights to view maps through the settings from the Zyxel nas?
  • Hello, First i have set everthing in Deny see the picture but stil user kids can access dir video and video/kinder films How is that possible. The onyl way to deny access to video is to uncheck at Shares Public Videos every other setting has no effect. I thought that assigning the rights was all to be regulated via Zyxel…
  • Here is an overview of my settings see the pictures i added The problem is that Parents and Kids see the same dir. For now the Parents have access to Video and video/Kinder films films for Parenst (this is correct) But for kids I only want access to dir video/kinder films (now the see video and video/Kinder films not…
  • Thanks this was very help full. But i still don't have it working. Can find Tool Map Network drive see picture. I have Explorer from Windows 10 mayebe you can tell how to do this in windows 10 Explorer. Thanks.