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  • Sorry don't know what info you need. As a new USG40 user, I have no idea if my setup is correct.Don't know anything about hardware firewall. My router wi-fi works properly.When I connect it to the USG40, it does not work.
  • When I connect to the internet and check my IP it returns starts with 181.However my wi-fi and printer, etc starts with 10 Any help on how to set up USG40
  • Don't know if I have Wan and Lan reversed in my statement. Originally I had a VPV router and a Linksys EA45 router plugged into the ISP modem. Everything works fine P1 and P2 With my limited knowledge, upon setting up UDSG40, I answered the question "Do you have one Lan or two) with ONE. I tried to go back to restart it to…
  • Newbie here with no firewall experience and limited network experience Got some advice elsewhere, and need some help as to where to start: Have LAN_1 as which is VPN router connected to USG40Have WAN_1 as on P2So far this seems to be automatically configured bu USG40 and is working Next step - not…
  • Thank you
  • Yes I have 1 flashing green and 2 flashing orange when I am not online but do have 2 routers connected P2 and P3. P2 and P3 still flashing orange when I am online via my other 2 routers.Video attached - ignore the background sound. Sorry video mp4 will not upload size 116,972kb
  • Done that the best I understand before using the USG40 and before posting here. Now I have amber lights flashing.