• @Zyxel_Irene Spam Posts needs to be controlled. I would suggest, blocking the users, if there is any kind of spam post found from their forum ID.
  • Of course, you can.. you will need a small switch in between.
  • Follow the steps mentioned by @McKenzie33 If you still face error, then check... your ISP network. Is the same IP clashing with your Zyxel device IP....? If yes, then Use ZON Utility to connect. ThanksZySec_Tech | India
  • Hi there,Seven year old model had a different interface than new ones (bought in 2020). Earlier Zywall 110 is now renamed as USG/Flex 110. There is a step-wise configuration, which needs to be followed. https://www.zyxel.com/promotions/usg-configuration-converter-20130829-760081.shtmlCheck, if this works for you.…
  • I don't think there is any way, you can delete this Zyxel account. My safest guess is the account cannot be removed.... reason being this account is associated with your education center profile and myzyxel cloud account. I would prefer to disable all the notifications and unsubscribe from all the newsletter, and forget…
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