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  • Hi, For the AP Models that can be managed by AP Controller (including NXC2500), you can check the "Extreme" and "Advanced" category in our AP product page. (https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/smb-wlan_aps_and_controllers.shtml?t=c) For the same segment as NWA5123-AC, I'd recommend WAC500, where we enhance the Wi-Fi…
  • Hi Businessuer, We're still estimating about the implementation of this idea. Just thought about another idea and share it with you: Is it possible for you to change the PVID on the access port of the switch? This way you just need to simply connect your AP to the switch, and nothing configuration needs to be changed. In…
  • Thanks for providing your requirement! This case will go through our internal evaluation, we'll let you know once the schedule is determined!
  • Hi businessuer, Please also provide a story/scenario for this case if possible. Generally speaking, we first finish Management VLAN settings on AP to make sure it can goes online. After that, the management VLAN is barely changed (especially changed in batch). So it will be highly appreciated if you can provide your case…
  • Hi Mascho, Thanks for enable the support function. After checking your sites settings, below are some recommendations for you: 1. Like you've said through the private message, there're lots of neighbor devices using Wi-Fi, also the railway is 20m far from the AP, which will also generate the signal that interfere the…
  • @businessuer In your scenario, you may create two SSIDs for staff and management (with different password being set), and set the rate limit and other network access restriction on the SSID for staff. This way those management won't be restricted by any of the rules when connection to their own SSID. Best Regards, Richard
  • Hi Mascho, In my first analysis, I think it's due to the environment interference in 2.4GHz. Usually there are much more Non-Wi-Fi applications (such as Bluetooth, mobile cellular network and others) share the radio frequency around 2.4GHz and generates lots of interference to Wi-Fi services. That's why in some places the…
  • Hi @businessuer, Thanks for your comment, and of course we can put your request into our feature list, but could you please first share your scenario/story to us? There might have other mechanisms to fulfill your requirement before the new feature is implemented, once we know your scenario, we can propose a more precise…
  • Hi @HuD I'm sorry that NWA5123AC doesn't support Tunnel Mode no matter which firmware it's using, since this advanced function consumes additional resources for AP to redirect the traffic path, so not every AP models support this feature. In the same product segmentation, we make enhancement for its successor model…
  • Hi Alex, The setting is correct in Wi-Fi part: just simply add the VLAN ID you'd like to assign to the devices connecting to this SSID. Two points I want to mention is on USG and Switch: 1. Is the "base port" of your VLAN Interface on USG actually the DMZ ? Please make sure it's the port that connecting to the switch. (You…
  • Currently for hotspot usage, we provides Guest Voucher as a PRO Pack function. Please see the introduction from the link below. https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/10347/nebula-how-to-configure-captive-portal-with-voucher Since this is a PRO pack function, you can first use this feature during a 30 days trail period…
  • When Access Point broadcasting the Wi-Fi signal, it doesn't need to include its Wi-Fi name (although most of the time we create a name for easy identification). That's why we'll see the item "hidden network" on Win10's Wi-Fi list, which summarizes all unnamed Wi-Fi networks detected by your PC (so there might have several…
Please register a new account on Education Center with the same mail address (as Community), so that after you finish the course, the corresponding points and badge will be added to your Community Account. Best Regards, Richard
  • Hi @"My bmw" and @GreenLight Thank you guys for using our devices and sharing your comments/experiences on Zyxel Forum :) For the product spec, NBG418N supports up to 16 wireless clients and has 16MB SDRAM. If there is any other questions about our products, welcome to visit the forum again :) Best Regards, Richard
  • Hi @Alex70 We've found the the root cause of this issue and fixed it, which is related to our internal issue. So don't worry, your device hardware works well and is definitely allowed to be registered on NCC. Now we gladly invite you to register your two NWA1123ACv2s to your Org./Site, and enjoy our Nebula Control Center…

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