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  • That was the ticket. Thanks. I have been struggling with this for a while.
  • As I said, "I have watched all the videos that say I should delete the wan network adaptors and rescan. Googled the error message, searched the forums, That didn't work."
  • The error logs do not show my attempted connections to the box at all. But it does show a lot of other activity. I would like to use Windows 10, since I'm in the process of upgrading everyone's systems. It's funny but the article you posted was a post I created after I thought my issue was solved. It's not.
  • After a weekend of not messing with the VPN, I came back to this error: The network connection between your computer and the VPN server could not be established because the remote server is not responding.This could be because one of the network devices (e.g. firewalls, NAT routers, etc.) between your computer and the…
  • Thank you guys for your extraordinary help!
  • I guess I should mention: The DHCP is ON on the USG20 and off on the server. It's a client-to-site (laptop-to-server) VPN. Windows 7 or 10 on the laptops. The VPN will be used to share folders (or a group of folders) from the server, which include the home folders from each authenticated user. Do-able?
  • Thank you for removing the other post. I fear the subject wasn't serious enough. My firmware version is V4.35(ABAQ.2) / 2019-11-24 07:30:26. I updated it a week ago. I want to use the Windows native VPN login. I don't have an SSL cert, so I'm thinking the fastest, most secure or the other two. You'd have to tell me. I…