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  • Hello. I am on USG 100 and there isn´t new firmware available. I am on the latest 3.30 unfortunately. 
  • Hello and thank you for your input. I am not trying to restrict the IP to access the SMTP. I am trying to open the relay to a server that's outside the network. The communication on port 25 is being forwarded to a mail gateway that relays the traffic to MS exchange. What I was trying to accomplish was to bypass this mail…
  • Thank you for your quick response and thorough explanation. 
  • I created on rule to allow the SSH access. I didn`t created the block because I think I can just convert the other rule that allows all to block. Am I correct? Also, in what position do these have to be in the firewall?
  • Awesome, Thank you. I will create the rules and report back.
  • Yes, there is one rule for this. I forgot to mention it. And the SSH config looks like this: In the log, I can only see the attempt from the Public IP address in question. Everything else seems unrelated. Also check the system _defaults in the cli of the WEB console as - where would I check this? I already went through the…
  • Thank you again for your prompt expertise.
  • Hello. A wonderful tutorial. Thank you. Just one more clarification. If I want to block incoming traffic from the blocked IP addresses, would I create a rule with the "source" blockaddressgroup?
  • Awesome, that`s what I was looking for. I will apply the settings and will post back the results. Thank you.
  • Synology VPN is set to assign IP addresses in a range - I tried to add a rule to allow traffic from a created object for this specific range to .53 network. I might be missing something or not doing it correctly.
  • Hello and thank you for taking the time to look into my "issue." I have been working with zywall for very short time. I already have some routing created. Is this what you mean? My goal here is to have the user that is in .53 network, connect via synology vpn from outside and then RDC to his PC.
  • Yes of course. That was my intention but I got to testing just last night. All worked great. Thank you PeterUK
  • Hi. Thank you so much for your advice. Please see attached if I correctly created the rules.
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