• Hi Kay I have a wish and my colleagues as well, everytime I setup new devices, I go to firmware mangement, and I have to click devices, because it starts on overview. It would save a lot of clicks, if theese to where swaped :)
  • Have been looking for this option a long time, please implement in Nebula. Since the beta Nebula came out a lot of features have been implemented and that is great, but could we focus on more getting the standalone options in nebula instead off remaking the design, That would be much appreciated Thanks :)
    in DSCP Comment by jacob123 November 2023
  • Looking forward to use this feature :+1:
  • I made this wish last year, but still would like this option, some customers have issues with using L2TP over IPsec, due to ISP setup.
    in VPN SSL Comment by jacob123 May 2020
  • I like the new design, but why change to white skin? We need a dark skin again thanks :D
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