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  • Zyxel vic thank you for your answer.when you say that an auto vpn client does implement only one interface do you mean one interface on the client side? Or will it also use only one interface on the remote site? I want to make the sql application running on the hq of the client run fast for the clients who are people…
  • after so many days there is no answer. is my project difficult? still hope for an answer .thanks in advance !
  • i have the same issue ,and maybe more worse problems. i have one usg60w with 5 ssl vpn tunnels factory license. i have configured several users , they used it by occasion in the past. now with the coronavirus they use it often so i do not know if the issue was there in previous firmware versions also. the problem is when i…
  • hello Stanley did not see your last reply earlier.sorry for that. it did work quite well. i was able to configure 2 ip adresses for the same interface. i did this via the virtual interface feature. there is some odd thing going on i can forward ports from the wan1 interface and get access to services behind the firewall.…
  • try to use a BLF server setting or set your extension DNS mode from "A record" to "DNS SRV" i know it worked with the other router and i m telling you to change your extension settings but there is a chance to solve your problem. you will need the zywall 110 logs if you think this router is cutting something out.
  • i Understand.did you also use IPsec with the old router? maybe the old router had also more settings than just the ipsec tunnel to the HQ?
  • Are the Phones on the same Network with the sip Server? Did they Work before you installed the zywall?
  • Hello Stanley , thanks for your answer. the isr1100/kr will offer a block of public ip's. it will keep one for itself and i want to use the rest via the wan port of the USG60W. is it possible for the wan port to handle more than one public ip? the exact configuration of the isr1100/k9 is unknown but i think the telecom…