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  • @Zyxel_James, My sincerest apologies. I have already reset the device. I’ll pm you. Thanks.
  • Hi @Loek, Mine was re-detected by the ATP on its own. No idea, if it’s a Zyxel device issue or the remote database of Device Insight. it’s a wonderful feature, but can block traffic unexpectedly if the remote database of Device Insight decides that your device is not what it thinks it is. Just an observation, I recently…
  • 2FA on my ATP100W is working. I had reset them more or less the same time. ATP100W firmware is V5.37(ABRW.0). No idea why it’s not working on the ATP500. I have now disabled the 2FA for admin in the ATP500. What should I do now?
  • Btw, I failed to mention that I did try to disable/enable the 2FA also the revoke feature and generate a new 2FA, but still the same results. 2FA broken?
  • One of the devices, iPad is not reflected in Monitor>Device Insight. But can be seen in Monitor>Wireless>Station Info>Station List as logged in, same with Monitor>Login User>Current User List. Will send you also the screenshot. Thanks
  • Hi @Zyxel_James, My apologies for the delay, recently been out with some tasks. The brand of devices are mostly Apple devices. iPhones, iPads, MacBook. Some Linux devices. So far no issues with the Linux boxes. Initially they were detected correctly, like for example iPhone 8 Plus was detected correctly and up to now it is…
  • Hello Jeff, I saw it, thanks for link to the user guide. Very much appreciated. "Because of regulatory concerns, the country code cannot be modified by built-in AP models." This just me, but I think in my situation it's a disadvantage. Now I'll have to return the WAC6303D-S units back to the ATP500 from the ATP100W for our…
  • Hello Jeff The ATP100W current firmware is V5.36(ABRW.0) 2023-03-28 05:46:12 this is info that I see in Dashboard>General>Device Information. I think the maybe it's the VPN as the CH is Switzerland, as 1st hop is CH then exits 2nd hop PH. No way around that. Not much that I've done with the configurations, mostly standard…
  • country code CH is Switzerland.
  • I like it, but it won’t work with the “ProtonMail” app. I wish there was workaround option. Perhaps a whitelist of some kind as an option? 
  • Hi @Zyxel_Kevin, Yes the SFP port was defective as the RMA has pushed thru, just found out last night, many thanks. kunz
  • @Zyxel_Kevin RMA for our ATP100W, the SFP port is broken. 
  • Yup, I think the WAN to ZyWALL, maybe that should be deny…all
  • EricNepean2 I did something similar with my ATP500, using Port 4. Created it’s own zone. I did not follow the default LAN and created my own zones for all ports. Originally, I created a specific object ip address for each the ATP500 and the Admin device in a restrictive net mask But after a couple of…
  • Do I need to buy a NXC2500 or NXC5500? Or doesn’t the ATP500 already have that ability? 
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