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  • That topology is correct. DHCP server it is another one Mikrotik 1072. Will PM you with LOGs
  • 1. My DHCP client is not a PC. It is a Mikrotik router. I'm getting new IP by Renew command, by disable/enable DHCP Client on Mikrotik router, also by enable/disable interface with DHCP client. Each time i see on DHCP client Discovery and Request, on DHCP server i see proper Offer and Ack. That log also shows DHCP relay IP…
  • I could but i don`t have backup config. Is there any way to get current config in that condition? I don't have management access, Rs232 only. Switch continuously rebooting. 
  • I did change OSPF area ID and click Apply
  • UPD: Another issue: If DHCP relay not Active (disabled) i can not enable DHCP server while Remote DHCP Server and Option 82 not DEFAULT. 
  • Yes, i'm using IP Application> DHCP> DHCPv4> Global Step 3. i'm changing dhcp server ip to then click apply. client still able to get IP. Why? b) Global relay is disabled, but client still get IP? Yes
  • We are receiving SNMP info in about one hour after disable-enable SNMP. Any other services has no issue, we have ping, web management access and traffic passing thru with no problems. Also we have XGS4600 on same location, same MGMT Vlan and few routers with no problems with SNPM. Looks like only XGS3600-26F has that…