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  • Jeff, you are a superstar for helping. This took some time. As well as you represent Zyxel, the registration process is a deal breaker for me..we've been using lots of USG 1000's for years withoutthe registration step. The devices are rock solid. I'm still not sure whether it work without registration...and I see this…
  • Sounds like it won't work without registration?
  • FYI.. Before I ran this version:3.30(AQV.5) / 1.14 / 2014-05-15 13:50:07 Upgraded to this version recently on my USG 1000 without issues.3.30(AQV.7)ITS-WK48-r74988 / 1.15 / 2016-12-02 01:31:31
  • Pretty clear Jeff, thanks. One last thing. Does the device require registration to use?Thanks
  • No go. This is for a USG 1000. Kept trying and... Below works, but I would really like to get the dates of leased address show ip dhcp binding TrustedLan1
  • The message persists. When I try to rename interface name, the message pops up. Weird.Have never activated Device HA. Saw a post about HA relation, but doesn't seem to apply in this case. I don't think the subnet is the issue. I have lots of devices with the same subnets on the same USG 1000 DMZ is one example. Prior to…
  • mMontana, I was using the two ports to connect devices (switches) to our TrustedLan. The names are different, but simply identify their use. Interested in knowing your opinion on this arrangement. I've always thought it would splittraffic a bit.. Thanks
  • Update.I updated the firmware on one of my backup USG 1000 devices to: 330AQV7ITS-WK48-r74988.bin The device behaved great, and allowed me to connect to it from my Firefox browser without and TLSversion issues. HOWEVER the following problem presents itselfafter updating I see the attached error dialog when saving…
  • mMontana,Great comments and info. These USG 1000 devices are all over our infrastructure. We recently added a gb fiberconnection, and I soon found out the old girl may not keep up. We can only get about 350mbout of ours. I'll probably run the update on a backup USG 1000 to see how it effects any services. Funny, I still…
  • Not sure I understand. PeterUK, are you saying there is a firmware update?..seems as though you are ..mMontanaWe use advanced features and high numbers of vpns, l2tp vpns as allowed by this device. Unfortunate, since a new TLS protocol update is probably a small detail for a firmware update. We'll see...we have a new…
  • PeterUK,You have given me an answer to this problem. At this point the logs are littered with red log alertrejections. Excellent work!! It has been my understanding that firewall rules TO Zywall was to control access to the USG for configuration; gui interface etc. for specific ip addresses and services like https etc.…
  • In response to Zyxel_JamesWe have a rule which disables https to the Zyxel from WAN.
  • We have App Patrol disabled. I've played with this further:1. Limiting the firewall rule to WAN as the source2. Replacing the group of hacker ranges to a single range of ip addresses. It doesn't work. Also doesn't seem like we should be doing the experimenting. Regardless of age, this device should identify these address…
  • They have the newest firmware. We'll try some re-configuring, maybe break the deny rules into smaller sets of ip addresses. Standard duty for a firewall of this class. A bit surprised. Really appreciate the dialog.Bret
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