• I think I'm just going to get a new NAS.
  • Thanks but that doesn't seem to be this particular issue.Upstream I said I turned on SBA - what I meant was I had turned on SMBv1. I wasn't aware of the versions but that is what I did.Glad you brought this up because it reminded me to turn it off now.
  • Yes, it beeped appropriately just like the destructions said it would.I pushed and held the reset button, it beeped, held it some more, it beeped, held it for 5 seconds more and then let up and it beeped three times.This is supposed to reset everything, which I believe it did.
  • Yes, the address is static which should be in range, my router is still the default, but I will see about fixing the static part and making it DHCP.I did reset the 320 once already but I will try that again.I'll root around trying to see if the NAS is blocked somewhere but I'm kind of flying blind…
  • The NAS shows up in the router(with a static IP) for a while when I first log in but then it disappears.
  • This could be getting somewhere. I got the NAS IP address but when I try to browse there it says "unable to connect".I find the Windows 10 security settings to be very confusing. Maybe the NAS is shut out somehow and I don't know how to check that.
  • I am not using wifi, it is wired right to the router.I had the firewall configured to notify me of any blocks and it did not send any notifications. So I turned off the firewall completely and that didn't help either.I think the starter utility failed to complete installation of something that it needs.I turned on SBA and…