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  • Alright, I feel kind of stupid for having to admit this, but I guess it serves me right for not checking the simplest solution first: A good blast of compressed air to Port 1 remedied that problem. Thanks so much for your help, still!
  • Trying Port 2 on the NAS was a good idea, and indeed something I hadn't tried yet. But it will still only connect at 100Mb/s. Switch won't let me manually choose a speed faster than 100Mb/s. HW issue? Kinda doubt that both ports on the NAS are now faulty. And upon start-up of the NAS I can see in the web IF of the switch…
  • Yes I have. But just for good measure, I tried again with a cable and port of a device that I know gets 1000Mb/s. Even there, NAS540 still only gets 100Mb/s.
  • Confirmed, works now. Thanks!
  • Yeah, the latest one. So that should be V5.21(AATB.1)C0..
  • Nope. Apparently I was mostly struggling with the fact that the boards pin-out is | --- | TX | RX | | GND |, which not also kinda feels backwards, but also contradicts the sparse information that can be found online. First run was without interrupting, then reboot, then stopping autoboot by pressing the any-key. Glanced…
  • Establishing the serial connection stopped the reboot cycling, but the output to console looks rather odd..
  • Hi Mijzelf, I was hoping this would catch your attention; still remember you from, which apparently, while I wasn't looking, went the way of the dodo. Shame though. Yes, I did flash the kernel. In hindsight, I don't really think that was necessary, but it was part of the tutorial.. Silly, I know. I still…