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  • Hi @Nebula_Bayardo, Finally we do not get error 500 anymore, and WiFi client gets network access. Do you know when that API is expected to be available? and if it's a long term roadmap, is there any change to get client mac during transaction against Nebula NSG device? we just trace this info: GET…
  • Hi @Nebula_Bayardo, Regarding data such as client mac for statistics purposes, any chance to get these data from Nebula devices?
  • Hi @Nebula_Bayardo, Unfortunately we're still getting 500 error (see screenshot below) Data used in our test:URL: => /hotspot/140214/register?url= &#13;/hotspot/140214/register <= settings on Zyxel NSG50 gateway. Execution code: <form method="POST"…
  • Hi @Nebula_Bayardo, Did you get my comment with attached .png file showing error 500? Best regards
  • Hi @Nebula_Bayardo, Not sure if previous comment was finally posted twice (oops. It's still under investigation not posted here since I attached a .png file) BTW, we still need data such as client mac for statistics purposes, any chance to get these data from Nebula devices? Best regards
  • Hi, I still have issues related to captive portal authentication. My setup is based on click through network access, which means, my code will do the authentication job, and I just need to know which parameters should I send back to my NSG50 to allow network access. Is the agree.cgi file in your example bundle the one to…
  • So I assume the template includes the required code to control network access (to grant clients network access) after an authentication process from my captive portal code, right?, is it something like a post on Nebula cloud?
  • I have another question regarding an open API; we have a current development for dashboards which include info such as: * Total devices in the area * Connected vs Detected devices * Repeated vs New (Repeated is a device that has already come to that place in the past). * Total devices grouped by time granularity (To…
  • Our radius server is just a cloud hosted radius service. Another question, If I choose Click-to-continue option as Network Access, is there any URL from Nebula Cloud I should use to add some parameters to gain network access from my captive portal?, I mean if I setup Network Access through "Click-to-continue" option, I…
  • Hi, The idea is to authenticate against an external cloud based radius server, so I thought one of the advantages of cloud managed devices was requests on cloud services (such as radius authentication) were performed from a set of IP addresses (nebula ones) instead of customers public addresses where NSG devices are…
  • Hi, and thank you very much for your support; if I can authenticate against my radius server for wired clients on such interface, if I connect an AP on such interface I assume my WiFi clients would also get network access through captive portal, right?, and another big question is, does the request to my radius server come…