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    Finally we do not get error 500 anymore, and WiFi client gets network access.
    Do you know when that API is expected to be available? and if it's a long term roadmap, is there any change to get client mac during transaction against Nebula NSG device? we just trace this info: GET /hotspot/140214/register?url=

    /hotspot/140214/register is our external captive portal, and is NSG's IP address. As you can see we only get agree.cgi, so any chance to activate any kind of debug mode to get client mac address at least during connection?

    If we change network access from "click through" to "Sign-on-with Nebula Cloud" option (adding external RADIUS server), but keeping external captive portal, what changes should I add to my external captive portal code?, and would I get more info such as desired client mac address whenever a client tries to connect to my WiFi?, I mean not only weblogin.cgi.

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    Hi @pinger

    Please check your private message inbox. I would like to clarify something with you first.

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