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  • I figured this out last night but using this method could I have one ssid but on some APs use all bands while on others using just one? Could I have say two entries for ssid-1 and then choose different tags for each entry so some APs use different radios or will it throw an error if I have two entries of the same name…
  • yep, I knew this but was hoping for a more simple solution. It's not so bad doing this manually on a PC but it suck working on a tablet and now a days I hate bringing in a laptop to the job.
  • thanks, I had looked under monitor > AP > Status and there wireless bridge shows off so it made no sense. As long as its just a gui bug and nothing functional I can live with it.
  • thanks for the link!
  • Yeah I understand they can co-exist cuz they would have different encryption but they're using the same frequencies so just like noise or surge filtering they can intefere which each others signals just like things that operate on the 2.4ghz freq, microwaves, older cordlelss phone can interfere with wifi on 2.4ghz. Maybe…
  • unfortunately I have no conduits to this garage so no ethernet or fiber is possible. A wifi bridge was my initial plan until I came across these PLA devices and the YouTube videos seemed like they came a long way in the last 20 years so I figured I'd try. Now 4 1080p cams should only need 20mbps (5mbps each) for streaming…
  • I would think folks would what it cloud controlled, NCC, in case then need to cycle the POE going to a camera if needed but I guess if they have a vpn router they could go in that way. Anyway thanks!
  • thanks, do you know what the logic is for not having this enabled by default? Seems like it should be and disabled if you don't want it. 
  • I guess this might be the issue:
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