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  • Hello @SELBERG, I will disappoint you for now. I own LTE7480 and in the manual, it shows Cell Locking as well. Unfortunately, though, it's not yet included in the current Firmware, but it may be available in the next update, which should be released, by the looks of it, in the second half of this year. I would love to have…
  • Hello everyone, once again, I finally got an answer from our local Zyxel Support that the Cell Locking feature won't be available for the LTE7480 modem because there's a hardware limitation on the modem itself. That's quite a bummer and I still think it's weird. If that means the newer modems have this feature for less…
  • Hi @kaboagye, I was searching the internet for some indications of the date of release (I'm really desperate for Cell Locking, lol) and I found this page that shows the third version (V1.00(ABRA.3)C0) of FW for LTE7480 and that it is planned for Q2 2021. Maybe we will get an ABRA.2 version too and that could be soon. We…
  • Hi @kaboagye, That's awesome! I am glad it is finally working for you. :3 I can confirm that I also have this issue. I don't use WiFi on my modem, but I've tried it now and unfortunately, it doesn't work, even though it used to work on the previous FW version. This is weird... I think ZyXEL may soon release another update…
  • Hi @kaboagye, you can't use all the features the user's guide mentions on the LTE7480. It's a universal user's guide for LTE series. I would love to see one feature too on my modem that is mentioned in the guide, but it actually isn't on my LTE7480. Yesterday ZyXEL released new firmware version for LTE7480. Try updating…
  • Hi @kaboagye, if you can't get your SIM cards working in your modem after multiple reboots, I don't know what problem it could be exactly. Any SIM card should work with your modem unless it's broken. There are few things, you could try and check: * Check your SIM Status in Cellular WAN Status, whether it shows Available. *…
  • Hi @kaboagye, I've experienced this with my LTE7480-M804 modem too. When you are changing the SIM Card, you should turn your modem off or restart the modem after inserting the new SIM Card. For me, it usually takes two reboots to get the SIM card prepared for use. 
  • Hi @tonygibbs16, I've already tried that. Unfortunately, they were unable to help me. They said they don't know anything about new FW for my modem, so I guess I will have to wait. :( Kind regards, Lukas Zeman
  • Hello Tony, thank you for your answer. :) Unfortunately, my modem does not have the option to upgrade the FW online. :/ Lukas Zeman
  • Hi, does anyone have information about this feature now? :(( Any help with CID Locking would be appreciated. 
  • Hello, so I found out that there's a new version of User's guide for LTE series, released on 21st of December. There's a new feature called "Cellular Lock", which is exactly what I need. ? But, unfortunately, I don't have this feature yet. Does anyone know whether it's planned in future FW update, or does anyone have this…