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  • Hi @darcey, Yes, please be assured to use 2.70 version for non-PoE GS1900. Jonas,
  • Hi @darcey, @p4_greg, v2.70P1 is temporarily removed due to a potential PoE stability issue. The switch will stop providing power to the Powered devices and it can only be recovered by re-enabling all of the PoE ports to regain services. PS: This patch is still available by request for the customer who has concerns about…
  • @sberk42, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Yes, v2.70P1 has been removed, but it's still available by request. Please private message me for further assistance. Regards, Jonas
  • Hi @Pbee, Apology for the delay, we had already corrected the download link to patch 6. Thanks for the advice. Regards, Jonas
  • Hi @greenbdc, Welcome to Zyxel Community! I would like to inform that this problem was already fixed in the latest firmware 2.70P1. You may download it from our global website: Download Library | ZyXEL Best regards, Jonas
  • Hi @PCSSJohn, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Regarding the hotfix firmware for NSG50, I would like to inform that the upgrade could only be done on our side. The firmware 1.33(ABHP.4)CO is not the hotfix one. Please help to provide the organization name and activate Zyxel support located at HELP > Support request, so I could…
  • Hi @pw123, Welcome to Zyxel community! Based on the description, may I know if you had tried changed the media type to "DAC 10G" in the Basic setting > Port setup and verify if the port link up/down issue is resolved? If the problem still exists, may I know if your DAC cable does support DDMI?If yes, access XS1930-12HP via…
  • Hi @ahevhu, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Just would like to clarify if you are referring to v2.70(AAHI.1), am I right?If yes, the file name should be "GS1900-8HP_Firmware_V2.70(AAHI.1).bix" and the file size is 5.72MB. If all requirements are correct, but still fail.Please help to provide a screenshot of the error message.…
  • Hi @GianGR, Please refer to this link for the steps on how to check warranty and process RMA. Hope it helps, Jonas
  • Hi @PEACEkeeper, Welcome to the Zyxel community! Based on the screenshot WLAN2 configuration status is "Not up to date", more likely WLAN2 internet is not stable or not reachable. Before performing mesh, please help to connect the WLAN2 to the internet using a wired network cable first, so that Nebula could push the…
  • Hi @panzerscope, Sorry for the confusion.We had uploaded the wrong file at the beginning and had it correct on the same date, so you'll see the same release date. Please be assured to download the patch 2 4.70(ABQE.2)C0. Hope it helps. Thanks, Jonas
  • Hi @DavidDu1130, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Please use the following command to display which hash you were using, like the figure below. XGS4600# show running-config Note: "crc32l" is the default hash, so it won't display in the running-config. In addition, you may use the "help" command for other hash algorithm options:…
  • Hi @PaulHunter, Apology for the confusion, the first released was an urgent patch only for Zyxel GS1920-24HPv2 which fixed the bug below, so you won't be able to upgrade via Nebula and download the firmware for other GS1920. Bug fixed: #2 [eITS#220200724] GS1920-24HPv2 PoE ports do not power cycle when Switch performs the…
  • Hi @Username_is_reserved, It depends on every SFP module transmit power and receive power range specification.If the "transmit power" > "receive power range", you will need to add a fiber attenuator for short fiber cable 50m/100m to avoid SFP module destroyed.Reminder: Only SFP module has a chance to be destroyed, fiber…
  • Hi @Nash9677, Nice introduction! :) Truly appreciate for spending time creating and sharing our ZON utility features and how to troubleshoot. Add tips: To scan Zyxel devices, please be ensure that the devices are in the same broadcast domain (VLAN). Good job! Cheers, Jonas
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