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  • Hi @Stfn, 

We suggest you use adapter for AP power supply, 

isolate this AP without network, 

press reset button on the AP about 10 second until
LED light change. 

When you find AP broadcast default SSID Zyxel_XXXX, (XXXX
is the last 4 charater of this AP.) 

You may…
  • Hi @Stfn , You may go to Organization-wide>Configure>License
& inventory, 

Choose the device that you want to remove from
Nebula organization, when device remove from organization, it will received the command and AP will reset to default. If AP doesn't reset to default completely, you may press the reset…
  • Hi @USG_User , we want to share document about GDPR with you, please refer the attached file. In short: Zyxel Nebula Control Center’s (NCC) technical architecture protects user’s data, security and privacy that complies with EU data privacy regulations and other certifications, laws, privacy and frameworks from around the…
  • Hi @undsie , 

We saw you
mentioned the Ethernet rate is 1Gbps/s, this is not related to Qos, may I know
what Ethernet switch model did you use? 

If your Ethernet
switch or PC (based on which device your PoE injector connect to) support
multiple Gi, we also suggest you to swap the…
  • Hi @USG_User , Here is our suggestion about radio setting, you may choose all 2.4 channel into DCS list, disable DCS client aware, and DCS schedule at 03:00 everyday. (when are less network applications or less clients connect.) For 5G radio profile, we would suggest you 5G channel selection method choose auto, AP will…
  • Hi @Nate , After analyzed the diagnostic file, We suggest you to use fixed channel for WDS (smart mesh) connect, And we scan your environment, we recommend channel 153 or157. We also find your setting: Station Signal Threshold: -60dBm Disassociate Station Threshold: -66dBm And your WDS signal is about -65dbm, we think this…
  • Hi @adischer , Thank you for raising question here, we wonder if you disable A-MPDU, or are you using b/g mode? or your security type is Tkip? If one of the above answer is yes, then the maximum speed will be 54mbps. For 5G throughput test, we suggest you create
a 5G only SSID with bandwidth 80MHz, The test is more…
  • Hi @jpblanch75, with same SSID and same security, stations can process roaming successfully. AP support 802.11k/v in standalone mode. About fast roaming (802.11r), APs need to exchange key information, that's the reason why it only support in controller mode or Nebula mode. whatever which mode, fast roaming is default…
  • Hi @jpblanch75 , About how to apply wifi 6 release 2, we are still negotiating with chip vendor.We will get back to you with further information.Thank you. Silvia
  • Hi @undsie, 


Thanks again for your positive suggestion, 

We want to summarize the above questions, 

1. RF power of NWA50AX and NWA210AX 

Because NWA210AX is 4x4 antenna design, it has array
gain 3dB and the antenna gain is 3 dB higher than NWA50AX. 

  • Hi @angelo5432 , 


Thank you for raising question here, 

We will suggest you to exchange the cable and also
try to connect to different port of router. 

we also suggest to check the power supply, are two APs both running
full power mode? 

If the above information…
  • Hi @MonsterD , we suggest the first step is to check the signal of wireless bridge, because your PC need to get the IP by pass through wireless bridge. second step, we want to check your setting, may you enable zyxel support for us to visit. and you may tell us for organization/ site name through message. Thank you. Silvia
  • Thanks for your sharing ;)
  • Hi @jpblanch75 , Our Nebula APP only support Nebula mode. To upgrade standalone AP: 1.you need to go to download library: https://www.zyxel.com/support/download_landing.shtml 2.after download the file, unzip the file 3.go to Web GUI, file manager>firmware package > upload file and upload the ".bin" file. Here is another…
  • Hi @USG_User, if you have interested in using Nebula control your AP, that will be more models to choose. ex. : NWA50AX, NWA110AX,... for your reference :) Silvia