• The IP Phone is on VL60 in its network settings. The switch can ping the phone server but the switch cannot pass traffic from the phone on tagged VL60.
  • I reset the switch and reconfigured it. I notice that it is now keeping VL60 as its Voice VLAN. PC works, phone still isn't working. These are on port 2. Here is the config. GS1900# sh run ! System Description: ZyXEL GS1900-10HP Switch ! Revision: A1 ! Serial Number: S172L07003012 ! MAC Address Range: B8:EC:A3:26:D0:53 -…
  • Spoke too soon. Got the PC connected on port 2. But now the phone isn't working. The Voice VLAN is set for VLAN 60. Its tagged on all ports on the switch. But my phone on port 2 cannot be reached now. The Phone is connected to port 2, then the PC connects via the IP Phones PC port. So now my situation is reversed. Port 1…
  • Fixed it. Had a tag wrong on int 1. Thanks for the help.