• Hello, I can confirm all is resolved, I found that virgin media ISP was the issue. Where I was unable to use the Virgin Hub 5 so replaced with another router which allowed DNS configurations. Since making this change the AP's are running great.
  • I have checked the firewall settings on the virgin media hub 5 and there are no options to set these up. the firewall is turned off. I did find virgin media has turned on the some default web safe options, I have now turned these off. but the problem still persists.
  • Hello Nami, Thanks for looking into this, on checking I do see the issue that the internet fails on the CCS. When it reconnects all is show ok again. I am checking the Firewall settings, at the moment I turned it off.
  • Hello, I am having the same type of issue, I have two NWA50AX and a NWA50AX PRO all doing the same issues. That they will show online and then offline and online again on Nebula, the NWA50AX are both POE and the NWA50AX PRO is using the correct supplied power adopter. I have checked and tried many solutions but still an…