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  • I noticed when you upgrade to the newer modul firmware without a sim inserted you will have the blank space showing on newer device firmware versions than 05. Once you have a sim inserted it will show up. But it shows the version without SIM inserted with device version 05.
  • You have it set to router mode. Most people have set it for ip-passthrough mode. Have you tried if that works for you?
  • let me know when you have uploaded it. i would like to have a test run. i have a spare Zyxel which i can use for testing.
  • Hi Selberg. I never run the upgrades with a SIM. As i believe that the issue with the "changing network" can lead to a bricked Zyxel during a flash. Whats the proper way to receive support from Zyxel is there a email address for RMA request? Is there a way to get into the shell and run the upgrade via the shell?
 i did a test with DTAG on a business contract and it seems they also throttle the upload speed somewhere after around 20 gigabyte in 24 hours to only 10mbit/s. download stays fine. so unless you reboot to get a new wan ip. the link will stay throttled. could Zyxel not implement a daily reboot in the schedule?i know…
 can you link to the video once uploaded?also is it possible to revert to stock firmware after?
  • I noticed this at one of my locations as well. A co-worker has the latest iPhone connected to 5G and can reach 500mbit down on the roof next to the Zyxel NR701 using the same provider with 5G. While the Zyxel is connected to the same cell, it can only reach 100mbit down. I suspect QOS on the carrier side or that the iPhone…
  • thanks i tried that. in the end the problem was that the default password had an "a" that printed on the label looks like an "o". after factory reset it's accepting only the default password despite the guides saying after factory the default will be "1234"
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