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  • Good afternoon, Thank you for your message but I have no idea how to do that on this forum – if you have an email address I will send you a full email complete with the expletives I used when this fell over the for the 5th time before had to change all my IP addresses
  • Good afternoon, Again please read carefully. The issue was not with the WAN IP but with the LAN IP. The WAN IP set to DHCP as good as gold. The LAN IP did indeed default to but changing it to continually caused the ATP 100 to crash. I therefore had to spend most of the day changing all the fixed IP…
  • In the end, as you will see if you read the thread above CAREFULLY, the issue has not finally been sorting out password, which was easy. The issue was that once I had change the password and updated the ATP 100 I could not change the Internet subnet it was offering for LAN connections without it crashing when I changed it…
  • Good afternoon Charlie, Too little too late am afraid -I spent several hours trying to get a rebooted machine – having re-entered the password as it came back after reset – to accept our existing Internet subnet. As it would not I had to reset our Internet subnet to match the one that the ATP 100 was offering with…
  • note typo - range is 192.168.15.xx
  • okay - now what? By way of background we use this ATP100 as a pass through device from the ADSL modem connected by DHCP, to our internal network which has a fixed IP as gateway using the range. Having done a reset and got into it it has picked up the external connection through DHCP but will not allow me to…
  • Good morning, Before we zap this configurationI would like to be sure there's been nothing in Windows updates or various browser updates that is blocking this login given the number of options that appear when you try to login including something about gears on Chrome
  • Good morning and thank you Firmware VersionV4.55(ABPS.0) / 2020-05-14 23:51:05 The list of email addresses that are being blocked includes the UK National Rail website I'm afraid the log is not very helpful as it does not specify particular websites are being blocked so I have started logging on some of the various…
  • Good afternoon, Thank you again. But I'm afraid your response does not answer my question in that I have no idea if the ATP-100 has more grunt than the USG 60 W and will therefore provide more throughput or in other words slow down my Internet connection less?
  • Good morning, Thank you for your response - But then why above suggest I buy a different device which although it will not be using Wi-Fi will be using UTM - unless that device has more grunt than the one I'm using?
  • And perhaps if Zyxels had more processor grunt the hit of UTM would be less?
  • You misunderstand The vendor's router does NAT - I'm asking if no NAT and perhaps no wifi on the ZYXEL inboard of that will help speed
  • Good morning Thank you - I guess we could use a simple firewall rather than one with modem facilities as we have a modem from our broadband supplier which does simple NAT But does this simplification really improve throughput? Best wishes Andy
  • Good morning Thank you for your reply Really as much of a hit to knock the speed down by 50%?
  • All done. Thank you