• Hi sjak , you can try auto APN on LTE3301-PLUS. If auto APN doesn't work, you can try manually enter your APN on LTE3301-PLUS. The position you put LTE3301-PLUS get 3G(Access Technology-UMTS) not LTE, can LTE3301-PLUS and WAH7608 get LTE at this position?
  • Hi Memphis10211 , you should able search the "Zyxel LTE Ally" in Apple APP Store. What trouble you encountered?
    in LTE for iOS!! Comment by Mia July 2020
  • Hi eltorno , you can try manual APN to see if improve the problem.
  • Hi xuyihoqe , what trouble you encountered?
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  • Hi FADATSAI , Zyxel LTE Ally is under development, it notice on the bottom of Zyxel LTE3316-M604 specification web page.(https://www.zyxel.com/tw/zh/products_services/4G-LTE-A-Indoor-IAD-LTE3316-M604/specifications)When you buy the external antenna, you should check if the external antenna support the frequency bands same…
  • Hi vjh235 , LTE7460 default MTU 0 is auto. You can try modify the MTU value and apply it, to see if resolve the problem or not.
  • Hi JukkaS , does the sim card unable be detected on LTE7460? If the sim card network service is working as normal, it's not recommend un-plug the stuck sim card forcibly, to avoid the pin foot break off that can't plug and unable detect sim card anymore. If the network service has some issue there, you can contact to your…
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  • Hi ayassino , when user equipment reach enough downstream traffic whether activate CA its depend on provider network current situation. LTE router is a negative role it can't do anything for CA activated. So reset LTE router might not help. You can check LTE4506 GUI the signal level(Internet>Internet Status>Signal Level)…
  • Hi ayassino , LTE4506 CA could be activated no matter Ethernet port or WiFi. You can run www.speedtest.net via wired and wireless to see if CA be activated that you will see the GUI up left 4G icon become 4G+ 
  • Hi proshot , you can press the button on the WAP7706 left side to check WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSID and password information on the front panel OLED display.
  • As the same as you, trying to search it's all IPSEC. If someone could share where could find the pure l2tp it will be more helpful.
  • As the same as you, trying to search it's all IPSEC. If someone could share where could find the pure l2tp it will be more helpful.
  • LTE7410-A214 support pure L2TP VPN not L2TP over IPSec. Enable the default route in Security>L2TP VPN> Default Route, when run the trace the traffic will use the route.
  • You can press device reset button till all three LED light at same time then quick dark. After that LTE4506 should be reset to default.
  • Do you check the battery charge in low so WAH7608 shut down itself? It's not recommend low battery be charging by laptop USB and use it in low battery and at the same time. Because laptop USB may not stable enough for charging, it might cause battery over-discharge that the device battery capacity is empty caused by…