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  • If the system does not boot with 4 disks inserted, but does boot with 3, than either that disk is physically defect, drawing too much current, or pushing garbage on the sata bus, or the power supply is failing, and can't power 4 disks anymore. As you seem to have 2 failing disks, odds are that it's the power supply. Do you…
  • >First of all I can't figure out where J1 is on the image of the PCB (maybe I need new glasses?)>What's the next step when the serial port is hooked up? It used to be possible to zoom in on the photo, but unfortunately archive.org didn't store the high-res photo. The connector can be found on the bottom of the photo, at…
Yes. Download an older firmware here: ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com (as all major browser makers dropped support for ftp, you'll probably need an ftp client like filezilla), then login over ssh and executeecho 1 > /firmware/mnt/info/revisionThen you can downgrade by uploading a firmware file in the webinterface. (A .bin file).
  • + cat /i-data/2824f7ff/.PKG/PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin/config/PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin/PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin+ STATUS=Disabled+ [ Disabled == Enabled ]+ disable looks like the package isn't enabled. You can edit that file, or try to let the script do it:/i-data/sysvol/.PKG/PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin/etc/init.d/PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin enable
  • Are you a bit comfortable with the command line? Login over ssh and try to start it manually. It might spawn a usable error message.You can find the package in /i-data/sysvol/.PKG/PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin/The startscript is somewhere in subdirectory etc, I think…
  • You can enable the ssh server in the webinterface. (Control panel->Network->Terminal). On your PC you have to use an ssh client. On Windows you can use PuTTY for that.
  • I *think* you have a 'Current Pending Sector' error. That can mean that a bit is flipped on a sector, making the checksum fail. So the disk cannot (reliable) read that sector. That doesn't have to be problem, if you just overwrite it, it's fine.Problem is that the raid manager is pretty dumb. It just copies the whole…
  • The package 'Tweaks' has a function 'Disk Monitor' which is meant to find out what keeps your disk(s) awake.
  • You can use the NAS54x version. If you have MetaRepository installed, change the ZyXEL repo url fromftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/+toftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/NAS540/zypkg/5.21/
  • It is not 'running' arm7l, it *is* an arm7l. And yes, that's 32 bits, and no, that is not the cause of the 16TB limitation. The 16TiB limitation is caused by the implementation of the filesystem. The filesystem can only handle a 32bit 'block' counter, and for some performance reason a 'block' has to fit in a memory page,…
  • AFAIK it should mount automatically. Did you check dmesg for errors, or did you try to mount manually? It won't hurt.
  • The start script contains # Move /opt/var/lock to ramdrive, else the maintenance of browse.dat will keep the disk awake if [ ! -h /opt/var/lock ] then mv /opt/var/lock/* /var/lock/ rmdir /opt/var/lock && ln -s /var/lock /opt/var/lock fi So it checks if /opt/var/lock is a symlink, if not, it moves the content to /var/lock,…
  • Here is a thread with step-by-step instructions. zyxel-samba-replacement is just a script which 'injects' the Entware samba server in the firmware. So samba26 is installed automatically.If zyxel-samba-replacement really doesn't show up for you, you can download it here and install it manually. (Or look in…
  • Hm. Try http instead of https. Probably the old curl fails in doing a TLS handshake with a modern server. BTW, that repo only contains the latest version of MR. For the 3th party repository you should use http://zyxel.diskstation.eu/Users/Mijzelf/zypkg-repo/fw4/and for the mirror of ZyXEL packages (ZyXEL has switched off…
  • https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/8723/plex-for-nas326/p1
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