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  • Hi Jeff, Can you reiterate that to a situation when one is using L2TP VPN? I reckon the policy route would be identical, but how does that translate to the local policy?
  • Start with a relatively low value (eg. 5-6 dBm) for the 2,5GHz band, and set the 5 GHz radio to about 5-6 dBm more, in this case that would mean 11 dBm. If the area covered will be too small, you can gradually go up by 1-1 dBm. This ensures you have a similar, but rather a slightly higher coverage on 5 GHz, so your clients…
These APs are designed to be installed on the ceiling, so if you are not using them like that, it might give you a false reading. Also a big mistake is to leave the AP radio power on default values. What I suggest to do is to start with a relatively low value (eg. 5-6 dBm) for the 2,5GHz band, and set the 5 GHz radio…
Thank you Cooldia, This makes things clearer, appreciate your answer.
Tried these, but still doesn't work.
  • So is there any conclusion for IKEv2, my S21 phone wouldn't connect too. L2TP works just fine.
  • Hi Adam, Thank you, I just replied to that message. I need some SOP for the image you have provided.
  • So it's simple, I have very little knowledge about OpenWRT, however I feel tempted to give it a try, still I prefer the stock firmwares whenever possible, as they proove to be more stable. Thanks for the link, i think I will give it a try, and burn it. The reason I was playing with the OpenWrt image file was, that it was…
  • For MacOS the Secuextender client is not free. You have to buy a license. 
  • Sally, I have a console cable attached to the board, but I have no access to the button. What would be the linux command to restore factory defaults?
  • oooh, I didn't pay attention, that he received an older version... I thought he got a beta fw or something. Unfortunately mine will not allow a downgrade.
  • I am not sure if my problm is related to this or not, but I am not able to list the shares of the NSA326 from Windows 10 by using \\NAS IP Address. In Linux I can browse to it, but for some reason I see the host as NAS326 (AFP), I suspect this has to be some sort of Apple protocol, hasn't it? Why is SMB disabled, and how…
  • I ran into the same issue. Can you please share that firmware?
  • Dear Bob, Please send that firmware to me as well. Thanks!
  • Hi Joslyn, This is not the same. That would also exclude anything above 11Mbps, including 54 Mbps IoT devices. Blocking data rates from 1-11Mbps is quite an "industry standard", all vendors have it, and it is even possible to set this by using a phisycal controller. This is just another Nebula limitation like the MAC…
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