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  • The speed that you got on your phone will be affected by the node that the phone connects. The screenshot of the speed on each node seems nice, but the speed to the Bedroom does slower than other nodes. So you might consider relocating the bedroom, and closer it to your first zyxel. If you are connected to the Bedroom(is…
  • Do you mean that you did install the second Multy successfully, but the second multy would disconnect every 5min? You can try to connect them with Ethernet as a test. see if the issue would still happen again. You can also send feedback from the App for help.
  • I tried it before, it didn't make any difference. The performance is the same with or without the Daisy chain on.
  • As long as the Multy can get an IP from the DHCP server, and the DHCP server is able to access internet, then the Multy will be work fine. But the Multy cannot work as Modem, so you better just get a Router/Modem and connected it to Multy on its LAN.
  • What is the model of your PLA product?
  • You can remote access your NBG6817 via SSH or Telnet. and check if the daemon of ppp is still up or down when it didn't receive WAN IP. Can u provide the result of commend, ps | grep pppd and ps | grep netifd? try below commend when your PPPoE cannot get the IP, and after you click "Apply" on WAN Status Page. Normally, the…
  • It will depend on the distance and the environment between your main house to the little house. You can run the below test to see the wifi quilty from the main house to your little house. 1. Separate the 2.4G and 5G wifi SSID. 2. Connect 5G SSID on your phone and a laptop in the little house. 3. If you can connect the 5G…
  • As I know, the only way to set the IP back is reset to default, and install the system again. Multy will set the IP back to after the reset. seems there is something that causes the IP conflict with the Multy ip subnet(, and changes its IP subnet.
  • As I know, Multy doesn't support VLAN. I may drop the tagged packet.
  • What happened on your Multy? What is the issue that you ould have to reset them daily?
  • What do you mean that the device blocking isn't working correctly? They still cannot access the internet even if the device IP changed. I changed the IP of my devices, but it still gets blocked base on the limited schedule. As I know, the Device list recognizes the device mac address, but not the IP. However, I know some…
  • Have you tried to move the second node back to the previous location? You can get better performance with the new location on the second node, but the signal coverage will change due to the different location. Seems the previous place does get a weak signal, but it provides you the coverage that you need and the acceptable…
  • Hi, You can refer to this post: Multy system is able to handle max 6 nodes, however, the performance will decline on the node which with more hops.
  • You will need Multy App on your phone to start the installation. Can you install Multy X with your 4G router on the Multy App? You can connect 4G Router and Multy as below via Ethernet cable, and start the installation. 4G router(lan port)----(wan port)Multy After the first Multy set up, you can follow the instructions on…
  • Hi, According to your description, your Multy may be too far from each other and not able to connect with wifi, due to one is on the Basement, and the other is on the Second Floor, plus the walls. If you want the wifi signal everywhere of the house, you can put the first Multy on the ground floor, and the second Multy on…