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Dear Community, 

I would be pleased if you can support me with the following network layout as I am not familiar with a mesh on lan network. 
My internet router (third party) is in the cellar and there are two ethernet cables to the roof floor and on to the base floor. In between is first floor on which I may have wireless, but it is not necessary. 
In the office I want to have 2 or 3 LAN connections. In the ground floor I need 3 or 4 LAN connections. 

As available hardware from Zyxel I have two switch GS1200-5 and on AC1200. My idea is to upgrade with two Multy X WSQ2, whereas the Mesh should be closed via LAN. The walls are quite solid.

Will I need one switch in the cellar, as the third party router is not suitable? Second switch and one MultyX will be in the ground floor. The second Multy X is in the roof (and ok, there will be only 2 LAN connections left).
Is this equipment sufficent or will I need different or addition LAN router?

Thank you for your support,


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    According to your description, your Multy may be too far from each other and not able to connect with wifi, due to one is on the Basement, and the other is on the Second Floor, plus the walls.
    If you want the wifi signal everywhere of the house, you can put the first Multy on the ground floor, and the second Multy on the roof floor(second floor) and connect them with Ethernet cable as below topology.
    Router(in the cellar)------<WAN>First Multy(Ground)<LAN>-------<WAN>Second Multy
    Router(in the cellar)------<WAN>First Multy(Ground)<LAN>------Switch-----<WAN>Second Multy

    You can also refer to the Ethernet backhaul KB to build your wifi system with Ethernet cable:!viewDetail.action?articleOid=017839&lang=EN

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  • Jörg
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    Hi Peter,

    thanks for your posting and the helpfull link.
    The second option will work for me. As I do not have a direct cable between Ground floor and roof, I will have to go from roof to a switch in the cellar and from there to the ground floor. But that is ok.

    Best regards,
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