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  • The upload on wifi should work fine with firmware, I have the device and it support 100M on wan port and do not meet the issue. Not sure if it is network problem. What @ikubuf writes guide you to test the throughput of the NBG6604. You can try the lab.
  • The user guide says in router mode IP is http:; AP mode IP is http: you're in AP mode?You can try with
  • As I know, Multy device will tell the client not to connect to the signal which is not strong enough, but the decisIon of behavior is made on the client, not on the Multy device. I think it's the client behavior. The client would keep connected to the original one, and not change to the stronger one.
  • I've find some information that may help you. If you have obtained a certificate from a CA to use with the NAS, please do the following to replace the certificate on the NAS with your signed cert. 1.Make sure the certificate is using the correct extension required by NAS, CER. 1-a.CRT and CER are interchangeable, rename…
  • Could you map your NAS into your PC? Or you can open file browswer \\IPaddress\Folder to check if it is accessible or not. If you can access, than the IP might be correct. You can also try access the NAS web by using different browser.
  • Thanks for the sharing
  • Думаю, Armor G5 сейчас не поддерживает QoS на устройстве. Выбирать на нем нет возможности. Вы можете проверить руководство пользователя, Не могу найти в нем опцию QoS.
  • Привет, В даташите драйвер поддерживает Windows 8.1, я думаю, он подойдет для версии windows8.1. Вот ссылка: https://www.zyxel.com/us/en/support/DownloadLandingSR.shtml?c=us&l=en&kbid=M-03507&md=NWD6602
    in NWD6602 Comment by PixelAXE October 2021
  • Hi @Wadelfi You can reference to the USER GUIDE PG 326https://download.zyxel.com/NSA325_v2/user_guide/NSA325%20v2_V4.70%20Ed4.pdf You can set up the minimum UPS capacity to avoid NAS shut down immediately.
  • it should be omni radiation pattern.
  • Hi, Do you mean that Plex app cannot auto discover media source when Plex clients and Media server are in different subnet?
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