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  • Hi Everything is created as u explain. The first time I used tracert, the first ping i've sent was sent to the Wifi as u. I ve shut down the Wifi on my laptop. When I ping my switch (pluggin it directly on the same Vlan) tracert is running well. I tried to ping gateway Vlan3 ( from laptop connected toi Vlan2…
  • Hi Still not working. I've connectés à Switch on port 5 (Vlan3) with those settings : I ve connected my PC on port 1 (VLAN2) with these settings. Firewall is off. And here are the IP settings of my switch :
  • Oh ! Good point I checked on one of the pc but not on both I check this tonight.
  • Hi Zyxel_Judy A standalone mode. I've given an IP adresse to all of the Vlan ( for the Vlan2, for the Vlan 3...) and a Mask I set the first computer (Vlan2) on and gateway and the other one (Vlan3) on and gateway but the first cant ping the other…