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  • Hi @PeterHase, Thanks for your reply. Would you mind to download switch tech support file, which is at Maintenance > Configuration > Tech Support, and PM to me? If it is possiable, please help us to collect two tech support, one is normalm, another one is when issue happen. I would like to also ask the PoE issue in detail…
  • @tmcdanel and @PeterHase, Thanks you guys report this issue to us. Just share to you that I am trying to replicate this issue on my site. It's running almost 3 days but PoE is still functioning properly. Therefore, @tmcdanel Please also help us to check if V2.60(AAHM.4) working properly for you while your are available.…
  • Hi @PeterHase, Thanks for sharing. Some questions for you: 1. Is your switch GS1900-24HPv1? (FW version "AAHM" is v1) 2. May I know which V2.60 version you downgraded to? Is it latest patch? 3. Could you please also share your configuration via PM to me? 4. May I know how many "Consumed Power" is using on your switch?…
  • Hi @tmcdanel, Thanks for your configuration. We will try to check it if the issue is related to config. Please check here for downloading firmware V2.60(AAHM.4).
  • Hi @tmcdanel, Thanks for your reply. I would like to inquire more questions: 1. Did you direclty upgrade your GS1900-24HP switch from V2.50(AAHM.0) to V2.70(AAHM.1)? 2. Could you please PM your switch configuration to me? So I can try to use your configuration for replicating issue. 3. Would you mind to upgrade to…
  • Hi @hugocatta, Welcome to Zyxel Community! NSG200 is unable to backup running/start-up configuration directly to USB drive. If you would like to backup configuration to your PC/Laptop, you could use 3rd party tool such as Teraterm or Putty connect to your NSG200 via telnet/ssh to collect configuration.
  • Hi @tmcdanel, Welcome to Zyxel Community! In order to clarify your issue, there are some questions: 1. May I know how many GS1900-24HP you have? 2. You meantion that all of your GS1900-24HP switches have dropping PoE power on V2.70(AAHM.1)C0, did they happen at the same time? 3. How many PD connect to each switch…
  • Hi @PEACEkeeper, Since your PLUS license is still on, PRO license will not be auto activated while you register and bind to devices. PRO and PLUS pack offer different services, you need to upgrade to PRO manully after all those 3 PLUS licenses expired at Overview tab via Upgrade now button, which is the page of your second…
  • Hi @Lorcan, Thanks for the privilege. After checking, the port connect to uplink device, which is port 25 of S01 Radio PoE switch, is not allowed to VLAN 30. Please kindly add it to port 25 and check if it works. Hope it helps,
  • Hi @Lorcan, We're glad to here that switch status is back. I still cannot access to your Organization: Compliance Engineering. Could you please help me to check if you had clicked the save button to enable it? Here is some questions for you to clarify your issue: 1.May I know what is you uplink port settings currently? Is…
  • Hi @Lorcan, Welcome to Zyxel Community! May I know if your Nebula switches are stabily online? If so, could you please check if there is a Cloud-saving mode banner shows on the top of your Organization? Like this: As long as you see the banner appears, Nebula will NOT show any of device status, but device event log. Please…
  • Hi @rickyibiza, I've replied your PM last week, please check on it, thanks.
  • Hi @rickyibiza, If your switch is not GS1920-24HPv2, it's not supported to upgrade to V4.70 frimware. For GS1920-24HP, you can download the latest firmware V4.50 in our EOL list. Hope it helps,
  • Hi @Alkazar, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Have you tried to change a different broswer and see if it's a browser cache issue?
  • Hi @NetworkTotalIT, You are able to download latest firmware of XGS3700-24 by visiting our Download Library.
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