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  • Hi @oelles, Welcome to Zyxel Communnity! Since I don't see the issue on my GS1900-24E, I would like to clarify with you. Once configuring switch settings via web GUI, configuration shows in the running config at the moment, but it doesn't store to backup config (start-up config). Switch will lose all config after…
  • Hi @valeri, Please check our EOL list and search for "GS2210" to donwload latest patch. Or download the V4.50 patch 2 firmware by clicking here.
  • Hi @Filippo, Thanks for sharing this information to us. We released a datecode firmware to fix the issue, I will provide it to you via private message. In addition, downgrading to V2.60(AAHM.4) is another solution to avoid PoE issue certainly. *This issue will be fixed in next patch which will be released at the end of…
  • Hi @GUSEMI, Please check your inbox message, we will provide you the newer firmware for you and see if it fixes the logout issue. The reason we remove the newer firmware on download library because it has potential PoE problem on GS1900-24HPv1, users can still obtain the firmware by requesting.
  • Hi @SLMark1, Thanks for sharing this information. Our switch has the same behavior in either DHCP or Static IP configuration, so once switch is unable to get a reply from first DNS server, it sends packet to both DNS address you configured and see which DNS server respond to switch first. * May we know how do you determine…
  • Hi Lorcan, Thanks for sharing this information. May we know if NCC Dashboard of your site still shows offline for all switches? If so, please provide us your Organization name and enable Zyxel support at Help > Support request page (enable it and click SAVE button) so that we will be able to access your organization then…
  • Hi @aj10g, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Will the XGS1250-12 forward or drop an 802.1Q VLAN-tagged packet received on a port that is not a member of the VLAN identified by the tag? > Switch drops received packets from a port that is not assigned to the VLAN member. For instance, if you assign port 1 to VLAN 10 with tagged,…
  • Hi @AlanSmithee, Thanks for your reply. The link you provided is about "MAC authentication + Dynamic VLAN assingment" Rather than "MAC-Based VLAN + Dynamic VLAN assignment". You could think about it in this way, "Dynamic VLAN assignement" is an attached function on 802.1x or MAC authentication, but MAC-Based VLAN is an…
  • Hi @Damiano, Welcome to Zyxel Community! In order to remove all nebula devices in your account and then delete it, please kindly PM your account to me. We will help you to do it. May I know why would you like to delete account? Thanks,
  • Hi @AlanSmithee, Welcome to Zyxel Community! I totally agree configuring every ports to VLANs is a pain for network administrator, and MAC-Based VLAN and Dynamic VLAN Assignment mitigate the task. They are two different features, let me explain a bit. "This MAC address X should be on VLAN 20, no matter which port it is…
  • Hi @Mingweiai, 我們正在嘗試複製您的問題, 另外想跟您請教一下: 1. 現場都是用於voip設備 > 請問您是使用VoIP電話互ping嗎? 2. 但在交換器內互相ping也是沒辦法 > 請問這是接另外兩台交換器在GS1200-8HPv2上也無法互相ping通嗎? 我們這邊目前測試可用的PC/SW/AP互ping或是ping IP phone皆正常.
  • Hi @PeterD, Welcome to Zyxel Community! 1. May I know did you choose Media type to DAC 10G before renaming other 1G ports and upgrade firmware? 2. Could you please check switch syslog by filtering "firmware" to see what firmware version before you upgraded to 4.70(ABHT.3)C0? 3. Could you please also check if the port link…
  • Hi @n5hzr, Please check your inbox message, we would like you to try if the newer firmware fixes the issue.
  • Hi @Chris77, Zyxel switch is not support using this way to query switch information. There are alternative ways that other users shared to query information from switch via "echo" or "Linux expect". Please refer to the following link:…
  • Hi @businessuer, Sorry for my misunderstood. For configuring device offline notification, please go to Site-wide > Configure > Alert settings.
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