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  • @MichaelB, Thanks for your reply. May I confirm one thing that do you need your DHCPv6 server to send an IPv6 perfix to XGS1930 switch and the switch helps to forward IPv6 address by sending RA to your clients? If so, XGS1930 is not supported this function so far, so we could help you transfer your case to feature request.…
  • Hi @MichaelB, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Since the default configuration only supports IPv6 is VLAN 1, so you may need to create an interface VLAN 100 for IPv6 use. Here is the steps to create an IPv6 interface: Create an interface VLAN 100 After adding it, it will show on the bottom. Enable interface VLAN 100 Configure…
  • @PeterVanryckeghem Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry for my mistake .. Since the lifetime value of IPsec client VPN on NSG is set to 86400, may you please try to set 86400 at the client side to keep the same for both site and see if the issue still exist? In the log file, you can see someone rekeyed since the lifetime is…
  • Hi @PeterVanryckeghem, Welcome to Zyxel Community. May you please check if the lifetime value of NSG50 and VPN client tool are the same? I wonder if it's the lifetime mismatched to cause disconnected every 30 mins. Please also enable Zyxel support at HELP > Support request page on NCC and provide your org name to us so…
  • @itpp21 I would say there is no reason to determine if your configuration or topology is making sense or not when settings are workable for you. It all depends on how you gonna configure devices to fulfill your demands. My question for you is does your pfsence a firewall? If so, I suggest you to change LAG1 to tagged and…
  • @Dibbley, For the PCs, they are now in the right way. However, for APs, you may change the VLAN setting back to tagged for switchport 2-5, and configure vlan 101 for SSID 1 and vlan 102 for SSID 2 on SSID settings page of NCC.
    in VLANs Comment by Zyxel_Adam May 7
  • @itpp21 Thanks for the update. May I know is there any question regarding the VLAN settings?
  • Hi @Dibbley, Welcome to Zyxel Community. We suggest that those switchports for connecting PCs should change to untagged and assign PVID for a specific VLAN. For example,the green group from port 6 to 11 should be configured to PVID 101 and untagged on VLAN 101. In addition, the pink group from port 12 to 16 should be…
    in VLANs Comment by Zyxel_Adam May 6
  • @businessuer Since you were unable to login to switch web GUI via My question is are you able to access web GUI after creating loopback interface? The IP address as you mention that is
  • @itpp21, 
If you would like to reach this, you should change LAG1(port 2&3) to tagged VLAN 10 and VLAN 20. (You are using untagged for VLAN 10 only)
  • @businessuer, Sorry, there is no plan to add vlan to loopback interface. Kindly inform you that you may try to search on the Internet and see that there is no any switch and router support VLAN on loopback interface. Kindly inform you that you may try to assign subnet for your loopback interface since is…
  • @businessuer, I have to clarify that when you configured switch as: The SVI is (vlan 2) The DHCP pool is You should be able to ping and access switch web GUI after your client gets DHCP IP address. The premise is that if your remote-management is allowing DHCP IP subnet or is and…
  • @ObliteRon, For VLAN 1, it depends on if you need to separate your LAN traffic or not. For instance, split the traffic of voice and data on LAN. The VLAN 100 between switch and modem will not be an issue. As you can see these 3 members are differentiate by color. * non-member is to forbidden traffic on a VLAN. * Tag Egress…
  • @ObliteRon Thanks for your reply. Now I understand the reason for only connecting singe link from switch to router. If you would like to implement this scenario, you may check if your router is able to assign multiple VLANs on the same port and give each VLAN a subnet. For our switch, it needs to create VLANs and tagged…
  • @DTI, Thanks for your reply. Kindly provide you description as below: For "tx tagging", selected it means tagged and unselected it means untagged for the port.

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