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  • Hi @Hary1987, USG/Zywall & ATP products are different series that do not support license migration.But ATP200 is bundled with one-year of Gold Security Pack license by default, so you could still enjoy the license service without worries.For more information please refer to the link below: ZyWALL ATP200 - License & Spec |…
  • Hi @malakudi, NWA210AX equip with 4x4 antenna, which provides more 3dBm power than 2x2 device (NWA90AX). Thus the real output transmit power need to plus 3dBm in your calculation. The transmit power is related to the channel and the channel width, When you use the same channel, the lowest channel width (20MHz) will be the…
  • Hi @GuidoH, May we know the issue still occurs now? Since we see the AP is online on Nebula now, and there is a client connect to NWA50AX record.But we found there are 13 "Port 0 is down" logs in past 24 hours,Please check the wired Ethernet cables and try change port connect with the upper device to void service…
  • Hi @GuidoH, The problem has fixed in new release V6.29P1 firmware.Now is available on Nebula, you can upgrade the AP from the path below: Nebula > Site-wide > Firmware management > Devices Find and select your small business model AP, click “Upgrade Now”.Or after November 28, you could set up " + Schedule Upgrade" to…
  • Hi @papu, Since we found association issue of activating 802.11r on small business series models AP (NWA50AX, NWA55AXE, NWA90AX) cause some specific clients cannot associate to AP normally, we deactivated this feature in current released small business model firmware to avoid service impact. We have solved 802.11r…
  • Hi @Wijzijnmerlin, We support Nebula cloud authentication and external radius server authentication on Nebula for now.Could you kindly help us to share the usage in your scenario?We’ll raise this idea and create a feature request for you.Thank you.
  • Hi @iambenmitchell, We are working on new firmware release progress and expect to release this month. Please help us to keep an eye on the post from the link below, we'll update if anything is in new progress: https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/14786 Thank you. 
  • Hi @bavaria, The NWA220AX-6E only support Nebula Cloud managed mode and Standalone mode.We have moved the website to official link from site created by dealer since September,Please refer to the spec sheet of NWA220AX-6E on our official Swiss Zyxel website: NWA220AX-6E - Specifications | Zyxel Networks We're handling your…
  • Hi @iambenmitchell, We are working on new firmware release progress and expect to release this month.I’ll update this post if the release is earlier.Thank you. 
  • Hi @bavaria, NWA220AX-6E only support manage in Standalone mode / Nebula Cloud mode, it could not be managed by AP controller (USG110, in your scenario). NWA640-6E is the 6E model which could managed by AP Controller, the information is below if you're interested (AP controller support 6GHz after v5.40 firmware):WAX640S-6E…
  • Hi @Amin02, Please check your uppper firewall policy rule settings and replace the DNS settings with the value or ISP provided DNS to avoid DNS resolved issue. Thank you.
  • Hi @letalvoj, Most of Iot devices only support using 2.4G Wi-Fi to connect, we always suggest users to set up a 2.4G only SSID for their IoT devices as what you done. Since we received similar issues after devices upgrading to the latest version 6.29P0, we’re looking into your symptom cautiously and still checking.To avoid…
  • Hi @iambenmitchell, Because the latest version V6.29P0 is temporarily removed due to it has been verified it may cause repeated reboot in worst case scenario,The Nebula Firmware available status will display Upgrade available if device running non V6.29P0 firmware and can’t be upgraded. We’ve checked your running version…
  • Hi @MMischitelli, We have rolled back the firmware, please help us to observe if the symptom still exists or not for a period.Sorry for the inconvienence.Thank you.
  • Hi @MMischitelli, Sorry for the inconvenience and bringing you bad experience. We're looking into this cautiously to check if there is a firmware problem of version 6.29P0. To void service impact, could we help you to roll back the firmware to the stable version (6.25P10) for you? Thank you.
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