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  • Hi @joel_lallemand, It seems like an IOP issue between the sitemanager 3529 and GS1920. Thanks for sharing the workaround you found here.
  • Hi @Stampeder, Like I mentioned above, configure-related feature is in our future roadmap. But for you scenario, have you tried to configure PoE schedule for Switch ports on Nebula CC? User can create PoE schedule profile at Switch > Configure > PoE schedules and apply it to ports. After creating profile, the user can go…
  • Hi @joel_lallemand, Welcome to Zyxel community! Have you tried to configure port speed with force 100M full-duplex or 10M full-duplex on both secomea sitemanager 3529 and GS1920-24? The configuration page for the port speed on GS1920 is Basic setting > Port Setup. (You will need to access GS1920 via WebGUI) May you also…
  • Hi @Mike_HSU, 請參考下圖幫忙確認您在輸入atlc後是否有執行下面的動作: (圖片中是以XGS2210為例子,所以您的情況在選擇檔案時請選"400BPM4C0.rom") Hope it helps.
  • Hi @RFrei, The major differences between NSW100, NSW200 and GS1920v2 are below: NSW200 supports 10G SFP+. NSW100 is a pure Nebula cloud Switch and GS1920v2 is NebulaFlex Switch which supports standalone and cloud mode. In general, GS1920v2 series will be cheaper then NSW series because GS1920v2 doesn't have Nebula Pro Pack…
  • Hello @businessuer , Both systems provide centralized management of equipment. Nebula Orchestrator mainly supports Gateway and SD-WAN functions (wan optimization). For details, please refer to our datasheet. Nebula Control Center supports not only gateway (but no SD-WAN function) but also Switch and AP (support list)
  • Hi @chr_sergey, Yes, VLAN trunking will additionally allow VLANs that are not created on Switch. That is, you don't need to configure again when you add other SSID VLAN on your AP in the future. Hope it helps. 
  • Hi @chr_sergey, Welcome to Zyxel community! From your scenario, I would recommend you enabling VLAN trunking on Switch ports directly, it will be easier than creating VLAN 17 on both Switches. GS2220 will be port 41 and 44. GS2210 will be port 3, 4 and 41. The configuration path is Advanced Application > VLAN > VLAN…
  • Hi @samsonlin, Welcome to Zyxel Community! 您可以到組織 > 設定 > 管理員,編輯或新增使用者時採用下面的設定: 組織權限:無 站點權限:完整 儲存之後,該名使用者登入時就只能看到該組織下有被授予權限的站點 Hope it helps.
  • Hi @TAPTech, USG FLEX is a new series security gateway that has supported and enhanced some features that NSG doesn't have. Therefore, we re-design the menu to help the user know that some features can already work with each other. For traffic shaping on USG FLEX, the user now can add a policy route and traffic shaping…
  • Hi @wolkenrgh, Yes, Switch uses PVID to assign VLAN for the incoming untagged traffic. Hope it helps.
  • Hi @CRU_Technologies, If you would like to configure multiple ports for security policy, you may add it in the Dst Port column directly. Here is an example for you to reference. Hope it helps.
  • Hi @wolkenrgh, Welcome to Zyxel Community! From your description, I summarize your current VLAN settings on ports with text: Port 1-10 : VLAN 108, Untagged Port 13 : VLAN 1, Untagged Port 14, 21-22: VLAN 99, Untagged Port 15 : VLAN 100, Untagged Port 24 : VLAN 1, 96, 99, 100, 108, Tagged You configure the ports with…
  • Hi @CRU_Technologies, You may check the NCC user guide for all Nebula features on NCC. (Include AP, Switch, Security gateway, USG FLEX and NCC) Since it will be updated after we release new phase for Nebula CC, you may find the link at Help > Online documents page. For your question that move USG FLEX to Nebula, please…
  • Hi @Francisco, XGS2210 series has already supported to import HTTPS certificate from V4.70(AAZ_.0). The configuration path is Management > Maintenance > Certificates. Hope it helps.