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  • Hi @BjP, I haven't received the tech support files from you via private message. May you send again? Thanks.
  • Hi @BjP, I would like to double check the followings with you: 1. What is the model name of Wifi AP? 2. From your description, the problem is PoE power off, not PoE power recycle because you need to reboot GS1900 to bring AP back, right? As you mentioned, downgrade to V2.60 solve the issue, I assume your GS1900 is running…
  • Hi @sledge121, From your test result, the issue may be related to hardware problem because we didn't do upgrade on PoE chip between the versions from V2.30 to V2.70. That is also why I suggested you may rollback the firmware version. Since it is hardware problem, please find the reseller you bought GS1900-8HP to do the RMA…
  • Hi @sledge121, I couldn't see the same symptom when I upgrade firmware on my GS1900-8HP and didn't receive the report from other customers recently, so I need more time to analysis the tech support file you provide. Have you tried to rollback the firmware to the original version on your GS1900-8HP?
  • Hi @SC_Ivy, I have checked your site. There is actually no Security gateway(NSG) in your site, so it is normal that you create VLAN 20 interface but not working. As I mentioned, please find your real gateway( to configure VLAN 20. PS. The user may still be able to configure interface if there is no NSG in the…
  • Hi @sledge121, Welcome to Zyxel community! I am sorry to hear that. I will send you a private message to get the tech support file you have, so we can analysis it. Please check your inbox of community. Thanks.
  • Hi @SC_Ivy, From your first screenshot of gateway, it seems like you don't have a NSG in this site which has GS1920-24HP and WAX510D because you should be able to see Port Group Setting in the Interface addressing page. I assume you maybe have it in another organization/site. Therefore, please go to that site and configure…
  • Hi @SC_Ivy, Welcome to Zyxel community! Here are some check points for you: 1. Please double check if VLAN 20 interface is in the same port group as VLAN 10 interface, which has the physical port connected to GS1920-24HP. 2. Please check if the uplink port of GS1920-24HP is configure as Type = "Trunk" and Allow VLANs =…
  • Hi @Julien_ALM, I can reproduce the same symptom in my local test. It seems like a display problem because it backs to normal after I use the V2.70 firmware to reboot. Therefore, please feel free to reboot with the new firmware. Thanks for your feedback, we will track this display problem and solve it in the next new…
  • Hi @vali, Welcome to Zyxel community! Switch can't change MTU size but support to forward jumbo frame packet(up to 9K bytes). Here is the article to show L2/L3 Switch forwarding/routing jumbo frame packet. Does the Zyxel Switch support Jumbo Frames? Hope it helps.
  • Hi @Zangiry, Welcome to Zyxel Community! GS1920v2 series is a new enhanced model series to replace GS1920 series because GS1920 is already EOL. You may refer to this link for all EOL models and last firmware version. According to your description, you already have the last firmware version, and GS1920 is not able to…
  • Hi @TAPTech, ATP series only supports Gold Security Pack license, so it is not able to register NCC license(Pro/Plus). USG FLEX and USG20(W)-VPN series support to register NCC license. Hope it helps.
  • Hi Everyone, 感謝大家參與本次活動,我們得到了很多寶貴的反饋。 我們已經通過電子郵件向30位得獎者發送 NCC Pro Pack 1 年的授權金鑰。 請檢查您的電子郵件收件箱,您應該會收到如下郵件: 以下是得獎者名單: @Frank_S1
  • Hi Everyone, Appreciates for all you guys participating this activity and we get many valuable feedback. We have sent NCC Pro Pack 1-year license key to 30 winners via Email. Please check your email inbox, you should get the mail like this: Here is the winner list: @Frank_S1
  • Hi @crls, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Since GS1920 v1 series is end of life, please click this link to check the list and download the last firmware of GS1920-24 (V4.50(AAOB.3)). Here is another location that you may enter the EOL list: Hope it helps.
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