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  • Hi @3jrgrg, Welcome to Zyxel Community! GS1900 series is the Smart Managed Switch with web-based interface to manage advanced functions, so it is normal that it can't enter configure mode. Thanks.
  • Hi @mcarlett, If you have enabled VLAN Trunking on two ports, which one connects to AP and the other one is the uplink port, you don't need to create VLAN2 on the Switch. If you would like to create new VLAN on the Switch, you may keep following the path below when you see the screen you provided. VLAN Configuration >…
  • Hi @Nykaer, We fully-acknowledged that user credentials should be treated in a more secured fashion and the clear-text design in GS1920v1 do imposes some security concern. To better protect customer network, we also recommend that “Remote Management” can be setup to let network admin control only the approved IP address…
  • Hi @NielsNL, Welcome to Zyxel Community! May I know where you captured the VLAN1 packets? Because you mentioned that you didn't see the packets on your DHCP server but still have VLAN1 capturing. To identify if the packet is forwarded correctly, hope you may capture the packet on ATP500 and GS1920(VLAN1). For ATP500, you…
  • Hi @mcarlett, Welcome to Zyxel community! I assume your AP and Switch are in standalone mode, and their management VLAN are in VLAN1. For AP, you should be able to configure VLAN ID for those SSIDs. Zyxel1Net is VLAN1 and Zyxel2Net is VLAN2. For Switch, you may configure VLAN Trunking on the port which connects to AP. The…
  • Hi @lizthegrey and @XaT, We have listed our Zyxel transceivers on our XGS1210 datasheet that we guarantee will work. For the SFP-to-RJ45 module that mentioned above, it is verified working by other users. In theory, it may link at 2.5G speed or not also depends on the module it own chip and driver. Please still note that…
  • Hi @IctPk, Welcome to Zyxel community! You will need to configure the following: 1. Create a new policy route on Azure site gateway to route the Source IP <Azure site> and destination IP via Site-to-Site VPN tunnel. 2. Configure availability as All site in Non-Nebula VPN peer at location 1 site. (You may refer…
  • Hi @XaT, Our datasheet has already mentioned XSG1210’s SFP port supports 1G/10G speed, it is the hardware specification on it.However, it seems there are some users on worldwide help us testing some 3rd party transceivers and gets work.(Refer to the comments above)We thanks those users' effort and feedback, but please…
  • Hi @Motivio, Currently, SSL Inspection is only supported in standalone mode of USG FLEX. I will move this post to idea section.
  • Hi @Ezar, Welcome to Zyxel Community! Since there are various transceivers on the market, it is hard for us to test them one by one on our Switches. Therefore, we recommend the user using Zyxel transceiver instead of 3rd party transceiver on our Switch and peer device. If the same symptom still happens after using Zyxel…
  • Hi @Nykau, Access WebGUI via https will also support in next new firmware together with management VLAN. Hope it helps. 
  • Hi @Pondus, The new firmware release of XGS1210 to support management VLAN will be on schedule(the end of June) currently. :)
  • Hi @Nykaer, Since the firmware version you mentioned is for GS1920v1 which is already EOL. Therefore, as we mentioned above, this new enhancement will be applied to V4.70 patch 2 firmware for GS1920v2 series. Thanks.
  • Hi All, We have already enhanced the GUI display for VLAN in latest firmware version. Please feel free to upgrade the firmware for your Switch and enjoy this enhancement. Thanks.
  • Hi @ivessm, USG FLEX will be full-controlled by Nebula CC in cloud mode. Nebula CC supports to reboot USG FLEX not turn off the device currently. If you would like to turn off USG FLEX, you may unplug the power physically. Thanks.

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