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  • Hi @KoenP, Since GS1900-24 doesn't support Nebula, I assume your are talking about GS1920-24. You mentioned that the client could access to the local LAN but no the Internet after you changed the client policy back to normal. If the client can access to other LAN clients via the Switch, it means the Switch doesn't block…
  • Hi @TiggerLAS, I will PM you for helping us collecting the logs. Please help to check your inbox on community. Thank.
  • Hi @TiggerLAS, Your symptom description is different from the original poster's and we didn't receive the sane report from other customers recently either. Therefore, please let me check the following with you first: 1. How many IP phones and APs are connecting to your Switch? 2. Were your APs also rebooting at the same…
  • Hi @Brayvin, Welcome to Zyxel community! We would want to know if your problem is really related to the firmware upgrade or actually the hardware. Therefore, we would need some time to reproduce and investigating the problem because, form your description, it happens the problem after running 12 hours and we don't have…
  • Hi @adminpants, Here is the online shop that sells the spare parts of Zyxel products. Zyxel - LetMeRepair direct (letmerepair-direct.de) However, unfortunately, the spare parts of XGS3700-48HP is not available now. From your description above, you would like to have the rail kit. Therefore, I can provide you the spec of…
  • Hi @Orad, Yes, if your device already has license, you may still assign this 1-month license to that device with Queue status and the expiration date should extend one more month. Hope it help.
  • Hi Everyone, 感謝大家參與本次活動,我們得到了很多寶貴的反饋。 我們今天開始通過電子郵件向所有提供有效問卷的參與者發送 NCC Pro Pack 1 個月的授權金鑰。 請檢查您的電子郵件收件箱,您應該會收到如下郵件: 以下是得獎者名單: @smarthaze
 @"[email protected]"
 @"ni[email protected]"
  • Hi Everyone, First of all, appreciates for all you guys participating this activity and we get many valuable feedback. We start sending NCC Pro Pack 1-month license key to all qualified participants via Email today. Please check your email inbox, you should get the mail like this: Here is the winner list: @smarthaze
  • Hi @"張無忌" 謝謝您持續關注與提醒~ 沒錯,現在Nebula已經支援ATP系列與NWA50AX的機型 我們剛剛已經將上面支援設備列表做更新了 Thanks.
  • Hi @Devincean, Welcome to Zyxel community! From your description, I assume your network topology is like: Router---[XGS1010-12]---[XGS1010-12] May you share more details about your testing like how you test and more specific about the symptom(disconnecting)? I am not sure if you saw the packet loss or actually Switch port…
  • Hi @conglymingyang, It is normal behavior that bandwidth control feature will keep the setting but can't configure on the Switch after the license is expired. If you can't renew the license currently for some reason, you may need to move the end device to the port which doesn't enable bandwidth control. Hope it helps.
  • Hi @Tobias3000, Welcome to Zyxel community! Nebula APP is repositioned in the latest version(V3.0), please refer to this Post for more detail and the difference between V2.6 and V3.0. Also, thanks for your feedback and the PoE schedule is already in our roadmap. If you need to configure PoE schedule for your Switch, like…
  • Hi @linyukai, Welcome to Zyxel Community! GS-108B V3和GS-105B V3是屬於桌上型無網管交換器,所以沒有支援IGMP Snooping且沒有VLAN設定 會建議您參考GS1200-5/8,它是網頁型管理交換器,支援IGMP Snooping與VLAN設定 下面是介紹頁面: https://www.zyxel.com/tw/zh/products_services/5-Port-8-Port-Web-Managed-Gigabit-Switch-GS1200-5-GS1200-8/ Thanks.
  • Hi @ysfan, 經過討論與測試,這邊update一下最後的結論~ PC會在發NTP封包之前先發ARP封包 但此時ARP封包會被第二筆Deny的ACL丟棄 因此需要在Deny ACL之前再加一筆Allow ARP的ACL 以下提供ACL邏輯範例給其他遇到相同情況的用戶參考: 1. Allow 指定port進來的ARP封包(EtherType=ARP) 2. Allow 指定port進來的NTP封包(IP Protocol=UDP, destination socket=123) 3. Deny 指定port進來的所有封包 謝謝您的配合~
  • Hi @SignTech, Welcome to Zyxel community! GS1100-16 is an unmanaged Switch which doesn't have a reset button. Therefore, if you have already used the power cord which is in the brown box but still have power issue or traffic forwarding issue, please contact your reseller for RMA process. Hope it helps.
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