Can't register or update GS1920-24 (v1?)

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I have a gs1920-24, not the v2 version, the v1, its really hard to find information and for now I haven't been able to find a newer firmware version than the one its running:

System Name gs1920
Product Model GS1920-24

ZyNOS F/W Version V4.10(AAOB.4) | 09/16/2014

Ethernet Address 4c:9e:ff:7d:30:57

I also get this in "myzyxel" site but there is not registration option in the switch menus.

Please help

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    Hi @crls,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!

    Since GS1920 v1 series is end of life, please click this link to check the list and download the last firmware of GS1920-24 (V4.50(AAOB.3)).

    Here is another location that you may enter the EOL list:

    Hope it helps.

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  • crls
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    Jason you are the man!

    I knew it was EOL but couldnt find the website you pointed me towards. Now it works:

    Thank you!!