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  • Hi @User1516 Here is the spec of PLA6457 in below URL https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/G-hn-2400-Mbps-Wave-2-Powerline-Pass-thru-Gigabit-Ethernet-Adapter-PLA6457/specifications The difference between PLA6456 and PLA6457 is the type of the Home Plug, Pla6457 use Type F
  • Hi @Rick37 Armor G1 has 2.5G/1G Wan, LAN ports are all supported 1000M. The download speed would limit by the LAN ports. You can try with multiple sessions under LAN at a time, and check the throughput.
  • Hi @ctggladiator, @Mijzelf @dHeinz, @zacki27101 @ikubuf We will release firmware this month and the issue will be fixed in this firmware.
  • Hi @slbrittin2, NSA Starter Utility for NAS326, NAS540, NAS542 the service is in the process for End-of-Life (EOL).You can check the announcement below.https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/13907/nsa-starter-utility-eol-announcement#latestIn order to fulfill the same function beyond this service’s discontinuation,…
  • Hi @Ingemar Please place Armor in a ventilated where the place the temperature would not easily get so high. You can check when there is no device put under Armor G1, will the Armor G1 device temperature still gets very hot?
  • Hi @haruntan Here are some following requests below to clarify the issue. 1. Have you ever registered an account on the Multy APP? If you have registered an account on the Multy APP, you're able to keep configuration even you reinstall the Multy APP. 2. If the Multy APP erased all the settings, how does the app notify you…
  • Hi @ctggladiator Sorry for the inconvenience. Currently, we're working on this issue and will update you here.
  • Hi @Neil1411 If you're able to connect your Armor Wi-Fi, please check your connection status on the mobile. Mobile will get IP address 192.168.123.X and point to the gateway Please enter with http, "http://zyxelwifi.net/", if the URL is not able redirect to the WEB GUI, please enter the address https,…
  • Hi @User9316 We'll have a new firmware that solve the issue, it will be released in next month. We'll modify the firmware in the Download Library.
  • Hi @zuzu date code firmware PM 給您,再麻煩測試一下是否還有問題。
  • Hi @zuzu , 
我們目前有一版date code firmware有修正此問題,PLA6456在此韌體下Ping值非常穩定, 


  • Hi @josus Thanks for the feedback. How do you install the Multy devices? Please follow the below article to install Multy device. https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/8677/multy-devices-reset-when-certification-authority-expired Could you share the scenario that you would like to implement in your environment?
  • Hi @Gert, Can you provide us with the topology of your Multy network? How do you get the result 100Mbps? Can you provide how you do the testing? Does the result always limit to 100Mbps? 
  • Hi @zuzu 謝謝您這麼辛苦的測試 1.在使用Iperf時,初始的速度通常會比較低,這是受TCP本身運作機制的影響,所以並不是喚醒的行為。 2.在我們的LAB中,模擬家用的環境(干擾係數為50dB),PLA6456速度測出來的結果會比PLA5456好 電力網路很容易受到電力線品質的影響(包含接地線品質,環境中其他設備的互相影響), 所以在這些綜合因素下可能會導致不同的技術下測出不同的速率,不如預期請您見諒。 3.關於PING的穩定值,目前還在分析,若有消息會再通知您,再請您見諒。 

  •  @zuzu 您好, 感謝您的回饋, 我會回報給我們的工程師做確認,有新消息會再回覆給您。
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