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  • @PatrickS I received your mail and answer your question that set the data mode to local bridge will mitigate the
symptoms. Kathy
  • Hi @ErebusOdora Thanks for the information, I will find the local sales contact with you ASAP. Kathy
  • Hello @ErebusOdora What's the country will you deployment access point to support wireless service? It can help us find the local sales contact with you and please send the contact information to me via private message box. Kathy
  • @Mirko wait your news. Kathy
  • Hi @PatrickS Thanks for the diagnostics of the controller and AP. Kathy
  • Hi @Mirko Could you confirm that the NXC can ping to this NWA3560-N? If not, please check the network between NXC and NWA3560-N. If yes, is any possible provide the remote session for us to access the NWA3560-N via ssh? (send message for me if you can provide the remote session.) I want to debug it. If it is inconvenient…
  • Hi @PatrickS When you see the log display again, could you collect the NXC and AP diagnostic info for us? You can read this FAQ: How to collect the controller/ AP diagnostic info by GUI? https://businessforum.zyxel.com/discussion/2171/how-to-collect-the-controller-ap-diagnostic-info-by-gui#latest Kathy
  • @Mirko , It seems NWA3560-N was managed by controller successfully. The NWA3xxx-N and NWA5xxx-N are phase out product, so they will be only support on the version 5.10 with controller. The v5.10 later version will not support them. Kathy
  • @Mirko The nwa5Kcn50 is a bin file. You can use it directly and it doesn't need to be extract. Please following this steps to upload firmware. Upgrade firmware by FTP How to upgrade firmware to controller/Access Point by FTP?…
  • @Mirko I suggest you do hardware reset for NWA3560-N and access AP with default IP( via terminal software. Following the steps let AP get the IP again. 1. The command of check AP's mode Router> show hybrid-mode* managed mode: Router> configure terminal Router(config)# capwap ap vlan ip address dhcp…
  • Hi @wmike , Changing the SSID and password would not cause the Ethernet interface connection loss unless you change the managed VLAN ID or IP. I test the AP with your description, like change SSID and password, set the AP's IP to or let AP be a DHCP client. There is problem for stations connecting the Wi-Fi.…
  • Hi @HotelGratz According to our experience, the hotel Wi-Fi network may not use WPA2-Enterprise(802.1x) authentication for guest using. It seems that the problem is not related the 802.1x authentication type. To get more information, could you provide us the USG configuration and tell us which SSID is for guest using? I…
  • Hi @smrbrts If AP deployment on the office with ceiling mount, the Wi-Fi coverage can avoid the interference via partition, people walk...etc. and the coverage is extensive.The station get the AP signal from the ceiling mount can avoid goods block the signal. If AP in the wall mount, the Wi-Fi coverage is directional and…
  • Hi @HotelGratz What's the windows device's wireless connect security type? If you use the 802.1x authentication, then our AP doesn't support TTLS+PAP for windows 10. I suggest you set network profile with EAP-PEAP + MSCHAPv2 on the windows 10 and check it. If the way is invaild, please provide the controller's…
  • Hi @TO_Consulting, WAC and NWA series AP doesn't support WPS, but NBG series AP router support it. For your reference: ARMOR Z2 AC2600 MU-MIMO Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router - NBG6817 with 3x3 antenna https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/armor_z2.shtml?t=p#productDetailTab5 AC2200 MU-MIMO Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit…