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  • At some point it stopped working so I had to find a solution.It never occurred to me to change/extend the download link with the exact path to the correct file location. Too obvious I guess. For other NAS520 owners these are the correct lines for MetaRepository…
  • If an official Zyxel package doesn't install correctly (i.e. aborts or hangs during the installation process) or the web gui won't open after a (apparently) successful installation then you've downloaded and installed the wrong package. The downloaded package doesn't match with your device and/or firmware version. I had a…
  • Log on to your router and check if the NAS is connected and assign a static IP address to the NAS.The router should have a "DHCP Reservation" section. Add the MAC address of the NAS there and assign a IP address to it.From now on the NAS should be reachable using the assiged IP address.Might require a power cycle of the…
  • When you log into the router, does it indicate that the connected NAS is actually connected at 1000 Mb/s and not 100 Mb/s?A potential auto negotiation problem. On my NAS520 this problem occurs during the daylight saving time transition. Are you using link aggregation/port trunking? If so remove it so that the NAS can be…
  • FW4 zpkg files are not compatible with NAS 520/540.use the above link doesn't contain all available offical packages. and select the correct model (NAS326/NAS520/540/542) and firmware version.
  • Jerry's solution to add/map/pin network shares to Windows Explorer Quick Access is the easiest method to access any share. Personally I use it to access my media shares directly.Follow Mijzelf's advice and map the "photos" share instead of the admin share. BTW, log on to the NAS and edit the share permissions of the photo…
  • Do you really need the Starter Utility?Use your favorite web browser and type in the url bar: //nas540Or check the ip address in your router.
  • The source is Entware. <div>which wget</div><div>/opt/bin/wget</div><div></div> After removing wget from the status file (in /opt/etc/) // basically the installed apps history (opkg list-installed) [email protected]:~# opkg install wget<br>Installing wget-nossl (1.21.2-1) to root...<br>Downloading…
  • I have solved it by restoring wget to the wget nossl variant (default) by updating/overwriting the wget symlink. ln -s /opt/bin/wget-nossl wget This is the default state (before I messed things up) but doesn't handle https links. At least everything seems to work as expected.
  • I fixed it using the system python2 (/usr/bin/python2; Python 2.7.9).The entware Python 2 require building a new package list. It can be done but takes more time than using the build-in python2 variant.
  • No. <div>which python2</div><div>/usr/bin/python2</div><div>which python3</div><div>/opt/bin/python3</div> Is there a way to use/point to the Entware-ng repository from the command line? For single use only and doesn't need to change the in pkgcgi.cgi and opkg.conf
  • I had a similar issue with a NAS520, suddenly it would only connect with 100 Mbps. I tried different cables but that didn't work. I was able to fix it using the info found in the thread below, read it first. Disable link aggregation if you use that.Have you read this:…
  • No, I'm probably doing something wrong. Ok, I made the following changes pkgcgi.cgi: <iframe src="$ARCH/Packages.html" height="600" width="99%"></iframe> to <iframe src="" height="600" width="99%"></iframe> Unfortunately hardcoded but it 'll…
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