• Can't say I am massively happy about the zip files in the feedback being password protected. I have no way of inspecting the data I have just shared. Can you confirm that no personally identifiable data has been collected?
    in Multi X WSQ50 Comment by cbm64 January 4
Thanks for coming back to me @Zyxel_Jerry sorry for the delay in coming back. Multi: V2.20(ABKJ.8)C0 App: All multy's are reporting the same firmware. I have sent feedback as requested too.
    in Multi X WSQ50 Comment by cbm64 January 4
  • I should note, that it used to work!
  • Except you have locked this feature behind your AISheild product. Absolutely outrageous behaviour. The Multy app is now next to useless unless I pay! After a significant outlay over a year ago having read about access control in the app and having used it extensively you have handicapped my network, I am apoplectic! Unless…
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