• Hi Jerry, Do you know the concept of User Experience @ Zyxel ?Because, as a user, I don't understand what you are talking about. I just see that this Zyxel product cannot be registered as a Zyxel product. How can I use PCloud when the device is setup in Bridge mode ? Thanks,Guillaume
  • Hi Jerry, I was talking about a major version that would work correctly and include the backup/restore of the configuration (as described in the documentation) Thanks,Guillaume
  • Hello Jerry, Unfortunatly, I cannot use the PCloud account to access the device as I had to set it in Bridge mode.The standard mode is too unstable and without the possibility to backup/resaure a config I prefere not use it as a router. Honestly, I don't understand why this Zyxel product cannot be registered with the other…
  • Hello Jerry, Thank you for your answer, but it concerns another post. Here I was asking if Zyxel is making any progress on the Armor G5 firmware ?When will we have a major (working) upgrade ? Thanks,Guillaume
  • Hello Zyxel Team, This Armor G5 is still with an unfinished and bubby UI.When do you plan to provide something usable?Thanks,
  • The time fly but Armor G5 is still as bad as 6 monts ago !Still cannot be registered as a Zyxel product :)And the Zyxel Armor app is very useless
  • I guess I am not able to find the MAC address and the Serial Number.So how should work the Search Devices ?It does nothing for me ?Thanks
  • Hello Jerry, it does not work, the search device button does nothing and when registering manually, the answer is "not found" !
  • Hello @Zyxel_Tobias,Any news on the roadmalp of this product ?We received a FW upgrade with very few bug fixes.Is this product already dead for Zyxel ?Good day,Guillaume
  • Hello Tobias! Thanks for your answers.I agree with Scorpione, this product is not finished. I was not expecting that from Zyxel.Obviously, you will not engage on any timeline for improvement. I am wondering why the articles on the net I read before buying this Armor G5 were not mentioning all these lacks!Let us know if you…
  • Hi Jerry, Not exactly the answer I was expecting !There is really no plan to improve the Armor G5 UI & functionalties ? Good evening,GUillaume
  • Hello Jerry, Here is the version of my FirmwareV1.00(ABSK.5)C0 I have to use my Armor G5 has a AP because as a router the softwware is really unstable.The landing page is stuck sometime, today it is not. Good thing as I have to add a MAC Address to the Wifi MAC FilterI will try with incognito mode next time it is frozen…
  • Thank's Scorpione for your suggestions.Today, I can login into my Armor G5 router with the local account but the widgets of the landing page don't load and the page is stuck.I would prefer not to reset the router as I already spent some time on it ! How do you backup/restore a configuration ? what is tilt ?
  • Agree with Scorpione. I can add that : - I am not able to register the product on Zyxel websites.- There is no possibility to backup the router configuration.- I have to use it as an AP. After 24h as a Router, it become unstable.- The landing page with the kind of "Widget" sometime just freeze and it is not possible to…
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