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  • Do you have any data inside the disk? If you do not have any data, try to pull out the disk after shut down the NAS, and turn on the NAS, will the NAS still beeps?If the NAS do not beep, try to plug in the NAS when NAS shutdown, and turn it on after make sure the disk are plug in correctly.
  • Maybe try with other CAT5e ethernet cable and check it again? If the NAS is connected to the router, it should get the DHCP from the router. SSH into NAS and type "ifconfig", you can see if the NAS get the IP from the router. If the NAS do get the IP, you can type "top" and check if the NAS httpd works.
  • You have to enter the command, "echo 1 > /firmware/mnt/info/revision" using SSH then you can upgrade the firmware.
  • You can check the DHCP table on the router above the NAS and access the NAS with the IP address. If the IP address is correct and do not change on the router, you can try with other browsers to access the login page of NAS, or try with incognito web pages.
  • As the ERROR message show up, ERROR : Invalid Parameter #4 It seems there is some files opening or using when you do the robocopy. You can reference to the below article if there is ERROR message show up. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/1073.robocopy-and-a-few-examples.aspx
  • Hi, The new firmware on the release note do not mention there is behavior changing on the NAS itself https://www.zyxel.com/support/download_landing/product/nas326_14.shtml?c=gb&l=en&pid=20150327120001&tab=Firmware&pname=NAS326# I'm using NBG6615 as router above the NA326, it is still available to find the UPNP router.…
  • If the router doesn't support this feature, the feature will not work. You can configure the port forwarding your own and see if port forwarding works.
  • Do you backup the data? I think you can re-create a volume with Raid1 type if you have backup data.
  • There is a way to reset the password, you can find the steps on the User guide. You can try pressing reset button and release it after hear one beep sound. It will release the IP address and password on the NAS325 and it will not clean the data on the NAS.
  • The router has been EOL for a long time, you can check the EOL product here https://webservice.zyxel.com/end-of-life
  • Try to move your mobile/laptop closer to the WiFi router and check the speed again. In case of suspected interference – move your mobile/laptop to different places and check the speed. You can find which place has more good signal. Or move your extender node to other places and see which places signal is more stable and…
  • You can find your os version here and check if you download correct version https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB5010793
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  • There is an article discussing the VPN, if the protocol of the VPN can bypass the Multy, the VPN can work. https://community.zyxel.com/en/discussion/6425/can-i-add-a-vpn-to-multy And yes, I agree you can also ask NordVPN support how to install it on your devices.
    in Vpn on a Wsq-50 Comment by ikubuf July 5
  • Access the NAS device go to control panel --->Power ----> And you can see the Wake on lan option
  • There is no way to add a volume into disk groupthat was created to a volume already. To add the disk into new disk group need to backup the data firstly, and then delete the volume and create a new disk group volume. Maybe you can give a try what Mijzelf said in the article.…
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