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  • 再補充很重要的一點 在台灣,中華電信隨附的路由器(小烏龜)的預設LAN IP通常同樣為192.168.1.1,若您購買了GS1900系列交換器,在將交換器連接到您的網路環境前,建議先進行 1. 將您的電腦網卡IP改為192.168.1.X/24,將網路線接到GS1900,打開瀏覽器至192.168.1.1進入web-GUI檢查GS1900的當前韌體版本,若為版本2.60之前,請將交換器管理IP從192.168.1.1改為其他IP或是DHCP 2. 您也可以下載並安裝ZON 如上述1,將電腦連接GS1900後直接啟動ZON掃描,確認GS1900之韌體版本並更改管理IP(如有需要)…
  • Hi @SAN Cluster management能讓你用其中一台switch當作clustering master,直接在web-GUI內去針對其他switch (clustering candidate)做設定。 範例說明如下: 首先必須確保每台switch的management VLAN都一致且能夠互相溝通。 進入你想要當master的switch的web-GUI中,Management > Cluster Management > Configuration 將Clustering Manager的Active打勾,並指定VID (Management所在的VLAN),按Apply 接著你會看到下方Clustering…
  • @ennisdavis Maybe you can share your experience or reason to us so we can work out some solution for you.
  • @ennisdavis Let's put aside our emotions and discuss this as rational people. Maybe you can share your experience or reason to us so we can work out some solution for you. Zyxel_Lucious
  • @Mijzelf Thank you for the comment. For our recent models, I would suggest using "neighbor" in status page to find out the connecting devices of those who can support LLDP. Again, your opinion is very appreciated and we'll keep making our product better. Zyxel_Lucious
  • Hi @alibabakes5 We're glad that you will take Zyxel switches into consideration for upgrade. GS1900 and GS1920 series are both smart-managed switch which can be configured via web-GUI, where GS1920 series provides can more advanced features such as ACL, IPSG, Private VLAN, ErrDisable, etc. In addition, the new GS1920v2…
  • Hi @Jerem54 You may try with another console cable and also update the driver for USB to RS232 console cable as I mentioned above. Zyxel_Lucious
  • Hi @MyLittleHomeNet For starters, GS1900 series's LACP is active mode by default. You can think of static LAG as a "logical port group" (hardware aspect), and LACP is software negotiation over the LAG link. When LACP nego fails, the link status will change to down (blocking), hence no LAG link either. Therefore, LAG is not…
  • Hi @Lefty0184 As @Mijzelf mentioned, you should figure out the IP address of your PC and switch and make sure they are in the same subnet to communicate. When you press the reset button over 7 secs to factory-default reset, GS1900 switch's management IP will start with DHCP client in default setting. If switch doesn’t…
  • @Marcelo I think you mean you cannot access to web-gui via https, am I right? On GS1900 series, downgrading from V2.50 to V2.40 or below versions will cause admin account unable to login. This is due to password authentication algorithms are enhanced for vulnerability issues and is not backwards compatible. In the unlikely…
  • @MrBee 1. Instead of shutting down whole firewall, you can specifically allow ZON in Windows firewall. And please make sure there is no other application using TFTP service at the moment. 2. Yes, in ZON utility you can choose the network adapter to use.
  • @MrBee Check firewall setting in your windows, you must disable firewall to make ZON utility work. Zyxel_Lucious
  • Hi @heedaf Was the switch working fine for some time, and having this issue recently? Or just unboxed and deployed? Theoretically, lower port speed should not relate to the fact that client cannot get DHCP IP from your router. Can your PC ping the router if using a static IP? As for 100Mb/s problem, you may try adjust your…
  • Hi @Elysium The ALM red normally relates to switch's hardware anomaly (such as fan speed, MAC/PHY temperature), you can check in status page. You may also check the syslog to see if any error/warning log. BTW, this forum is for home devices, for our business model devices such as GS1920 series, you may seek our biz…
  • BTW, this forum is for home devices, for our business model devices such as GS1900 series, you may seek our biz forum. https://businessforum.zyxel.com/ Thanks!